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Pelvic therapist choice


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well enough to be getting ready for Christmas, I think I may have already asked this question but could anyone help me decide between Maria Elliot and Helen Keeble, my pain isn't reducing at all and I feel I would like another opinion on it from a good therapist. I have been having pelvic floor treatment for a 9 months and I am still unable to sit, lie down on my back for nerve pain and still have spasms . The current therapist says I'm improving and wants me to reduce my appointments to once a month instead of every two weeks. This has confused me somewhat as on Friday she said my vsginal muscles are super tight and therapy was really painful .

Thank you for any input

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From 13th of November I been put absolutely permanent PID pelvic influence disorder if I say correct I have years and years pain there first they give pain killer and if need operation and after prefer you to pain clinic what is for me not help I usually if very bad make a camomile bath 4 litres camomile tea with the pillows can put in the bath and over hot water but for that's hot for you can seat in it 30 mins and drink same times a cup of it with honey and real lemon it sometimes reduces the pain and still if you take painkillers as well then should go for a while plus reduces infection and calming the nerves in your body and good for skin 😊

Look for a therapist on the Herman Wallace center for pelvic pain web sight

Baileydog in reply to Mike2043

Thank you for your reply but I'm in the uk Mike.

I had one session with Maria (Idon't live in the UK) and on that basis can definitely recommend her. I think you might find comments on this site about Helen Keeble but I have no personal experience with her, Baileydog.

I have been having PT for over 3 years and gradually I am making progress - so in comparison 9 months is not such a long time. I would definitely try to have treatment more than once a month.

Maria would also offer help with reegard to diet, hormones and more. In my experience with this pain you need to approach it from various sides - and be patient...

All the best.

Baileydog in reply to edythe

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I thought 9 months was a long time. How niaeve I was to this condition. Ideally I would like to find someone closer to home but that is quite difficult. I was alarmed that they wanted to reduce treatments to once a month really. I read that people have them weekly and fortnightly for a long time. Or at least until symptoms decrease. How do you manage life with the pain and limitations that this brings.?

edythe in reply to Baileydog

Hello Baileydog,

There is a list of PTs specializing in pelvic pain in the UK. I think it's Maybe you can find someone nearer home there. Fortunately I have found various people who have been helpful in finding ways to reduce tension in the muscles and fascia, improve digestion, address the pain. However, I can still only sit for short periods although pain is much less now - most of the time.

So I do a lot standing and walk to keep myself relatively fit. In the autumn I managed to fly to Mallorca, this was a 2-hour flight, so I sat when necessary and stood up and walked around for half the flight.

Baileydog in reply to edythe

Edith, thank you for your reply. I have checked that list and am so indecisive it's terrible. I think I am lost at the moment. I think in improving and then I had drive for 15 minutes to pick up my young grandson from nursery and when I stand up to get out of car it's so painful everything spasms and I feel I'm back to square one, which I'm obviously not. We so want to go on holiday. We haven't been for two years and I feel sorry for my hubby. I have developed plantear fasciitis with too much standing so now that has flared up and I can hardly walk. I don't know how to choose a therapist . Or the criteria. I appreciate your repky

edythe in reply to Baileydog

Sorry to hear of all your different problems. Maybe it's worthwhile getting an appointment with Maria and then you might be able to decide more easily what the most important criteria are for you when looking for a PT nearer your home.

I know the session I had with her showed me that the PT I had found here in Germany was on the right track. But I think, too, that the personal rapport between therapist and patient is very important.

I do hope you can find someone in the New Year.

Susan1-2 in reply to Baileydog

I would strongly suggested water walking in a therapy pool(90-100 degrees). I had this problem with my feet because of pudendal nerve pain. I couldn't walk up an incline or staircase. Walking backwards caused this problem with my feet. Maybe even soaking feet in very warm water at night would help as well.

Happy Holidays

Baileydog in reply to Susan1-2

Thank you, happy Xmas and a lovely pain free 2017x

Thank you, your so kind. I get along so well with the therapist I'm with now but I can't imagine why she would want to reduce my treatments when my problems are still as painful and develop into different symptoms. I am still learning about this condition and am a Little overwhelmed by things. I not sure what the norm is or what to expect . Disheartening isn't it . X

All the gals on this site. I went to a web site called and started the on line courses. These exercises on line have relaxed my pelvis. I am 7 weeks post op and started the exercises last night. I do not take any medication at this time. May be worth a try. I am doing these exercises for proper posture. Sometimes our initial problem causes a domino effect. I can tell you I am a different person right now. More relaxed. I continue my water walking. My pain level is a 1 now and infrequent. I will go back to work next week. For me it was over two years to find answers. I wish everyone well. I hope I have helped someone. I have learned from all of you. Farewell

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