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Look 9 months pregnant

Hi all well today I look pregnant again due to my 6th day of constipation I think? Or possibly due to what ever is going on inside? Taking co codimol for the pain in my hips/lower pelvis and lower back, feeling constantly tired and wanting to sleep, this is the 5th week now and after tomorrow I'll be going into my third week off work. Tried to walk the dog earlier 10 mins out of the house and my abdomen and hips were really hurting so back home on the sofa with a hot water bottle, feeling really down now trying to stay positive but could cysts/endo really cause all of this? Or is it something muchote serious? Everyone has been lovely on here tellinge to stay positive and that they don't think it will be anything as serious as ovarian cancer but I have all the signs? Everyday I wake up praying I'll feel a little better but I dont :( so worried about the US results too x

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hi Kazww. OMG! how much are you like me.have you not passed any stools at all in the last few days?

i have all the signs of OC and get told by other people that I dont have it but it s not only the symptoms its what has been said and what other conditions can be caused by it.doctors mistaking it for IBS and giving meds for constipation- assuring me these meds will reduce my stomach when they only made things worse-which ive never had.swollen abdomen spread to pelvic area.undiagnosed pelvic pain,abdominal swelling.poor appetite and feeling full never accepted.being told "it s menopausal"six years after I stopped having periods.apparently diverticulitis is can be caused by OC.-(as per ovacome).

until gps actually get round to accepting what you tell them and not dismissing things just because "they cant feel anything" it cant be ruled out.

have you gained weight too.i have gained 2.5-3 stone in 3 years and not due to diet -on my stomach and lost elsewhere.

what dog do you have ? and how has your dog been?mine have been totally different since about 2 years ago.they hate me going out and get panicky when I do go out which is never more than 1.5-2 hours.they are constantly by my side and extremely concerned for me.


Hi, I also take Co dydramol for pain and morphine patches. I find Lactulose the best way to control constipation. The lower pain never goes away and now there are crystals in my urine. Have to go back to the docs to see what they are going to for me, have I given up,basically yes.


Have you had a diagnosis? Ultrasound? X


4 weeks on and still waiting for an appointment???


tonight I have the feel I "need to go"and heavy discharge /maybe leakage.forced myself to eat a meal and all i managed was three small chicken fillets ,a few chips and some peas.havent eaten anything else except a piece of toast mid is so lank even tho I washed it yesterday.that and vaginal discharge are new things.

went to bed for an hour at 6.15 with intention to watch eastenders and woke at 10.45 -only to watch the episode surrounding lucy.


Kristalose a powder u dissolve and drink regulated me without pain like laxatives, obviously I live on constipating meds. It's a form of sugar that draws water into the colen. I was going as long as 15 days without passing stool. Ask your drs. About it


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