Feel like I have a infection

I am 20 I have dealt with pelvic pain for the last couple years. It started with bacteria vaginosis and after I started having sex I started having really bad pelvic pain. I feel like I have PID but all my test come back negative. I'm so scared bc I feel like I have a serious infection. I lost the erge to have sex, I feel nauseous, have chills, my hips and knees hurt so bad, it feels like I can't empty my bladder sometimes, my body feels weak and tired, my lower stomach is so bloated and super sensitive. No doctor will take me serious and I'm honestly so scared.

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  • Hi Summer95. I am so sorry to hear about your pain and experience. I have a similar experience and after many trips to the GUM clinic (nothing was found and all tests were clear) I insisted that my GP started me on antibiotics. Sometimes PID is not easy to diagnose and tests do return as unconclusive. After the antibiotics I am still suffering from the same symptoms and am finding it impossible to have intercourse as the pain then becomes chronic. Have you been to any specialists? Maybe ask to see a urology specialist in gynaecology. It is not acceptable for you to feel like this and not have any investigation into what it might be. I am on the waiting list now to see urology after a number of trips to my GP. Your GP should at least refer you to somewhere to start looking at what this could be.

  • You say you demanded to be put on antibiotics? What kind and for what?

  • Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on here for a while.

    The GP prescribed me antibiotics for PID for a month - metronidazole 400mg (x2 per day), Ofloxacin 400mg (x2 perday), Dicloflex 50mg (x3 per day).

    In my case they were not helpful. My point was they/GP could try and see if that relieves your symptoms as sometimes it is hard to diagnose.

  • It is possible that you may have damage to a nerve, muscle, tendon etc. which may leave you susceptible to infection i.e. infection of the urinary tract and vaginal infection. If there is definitely no infection found after having these infection screening tests I would ask your GP for further investigations. There are pelvic, vaginal and perineal ultrasounds which your GP can order. MRI's , (medical resonance imaging) to look for any structural cause of the pelvis and vagina. This may require referral to a hospital consultant i.e. gynaecology or neurology. There are also nerve and muscle function tests that can be done ie ENG or EMG of the pelvis. You can google Nerve and Muscle Conduction Tests: ENG, EMG. The ENG can identify if your pelvic nerves are normal or not. The EMG can assess the pelvic muscle function to see if pelvic muscles are normal. You need to discuss all of these options with your GP to find the cause of your problem. All the best.

  • I'm not sure where you're located, but Dr. Jerome Weiss in San Francisco specializes in pelvic issues. I'm going to see him next week after Thanksgiving. Also you can start using fem dopholis that generally to see if you can find some balance. There's so many other options to look for naturally. I'm not saying to stop searching with your physicians. Baking soda dissolved in warm bath. Hard to believe but you could also be reacting to a man's semen. Do some Internet googling for these sorts of things and you can contact me we could talk in person on the phone if you like . I do understand that bacterial vaginosis can also become a condition. But as a wellness consultant I choose other venues as well

  • How long do you suffer? Don't let this scare you or something. I am a 22 yo male and after a chlamydia infection, this happend to me and ruined my life. Pain is 24/7 present. Genital, penile, perineum, buttocks, low back, pelvis, abdomen, worst is after ejaculation, I can't do that anymore because the pain was so bad that I fel on the floor and started crying.. It really kills me. I cannot sit, lie down long, nothing. And I go to toilette every half to an hour. Really don't know what to do. I didn't slept for 3 months because of this.

  • Hi BaneBane2424 Did you find the cause of your problem. Did you see a Uro-neurologist at all?

  • Yes I did. They cannot find the cause. No bacteria, every possible scans and examinations show no trace of anything. Blood samples fine. I will go insane because of this..

  • From your symptoms I thing your problem may be neurological. The most likely nerve is possibly the Pudendal Nerve. I would suggest you get a referral from your GP to a Pain Management Specialist at the Pain Management Clinic.

    There your pain management specialist will discuss your symptoms and medical history i.e. what event do you remember that may have caused this problem. The Pain Management Specialist will give you injections along side the nerve in the area which is causing the symptoms.

    The injection comprises of lignocaine a local anaesthetic and the drug cortisone which is a steroid which reduces inflammation compressing the nerve. This is done under CT guidance which means the Pain Management Specialist can see the nerve while administering the injection.

    The effects of the treatment may vary some will have longer pain relief than others. It may need more than one treatment. Your Pain Management Specialist will arrange to see you again to review how effective the treatment was for you.

    You can google ' Pain Management Injections ' You can google Pudendal Neuralgia in Males, Symptoms and Treatment.

    All the best.

  • Thank you guys this has been so frustrating and makes me so depressed I feel i will live like this forever and I'm so scared to get into a relationship bc I can hardly have sex. I been to doctor after doctor. I take inflammatory pills for my pain in hips, legs and knees and it helps but only for so long. Only thing they could find was bv and told me my cervix were red.

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