Does anybody know how much a pudendal nerve block costs privately in the UK?

I saw Dr Wong in Spire last month and he suspects it's pudendal nerve entraptment, he is going to get back to me when his colleague is back this month so they can do a nerve block.

I'm not sure of the cost, I know he's like £200 just for the consultation so wondering if anybody has an idea how much above that it will be?

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  • I think about £500.00ish as they are not X-Ray guided there. Please research before having one, my mother and I both have PN she has had two nerve blocks the last has permanently damaged her bladder, I also no of two others that have had them and they are also worse. Professor Robert in Nantes does not use steroid when he does nerve blocks just a local anaesthetic to give an idea, he says the steroids can cause permanent damage.

    I have not had one. My daughter is a vet and does not understand using steroids like they do around nerves, yes the local anaesthetic to give a possible diagnosie and yes backs, joints etc but not nerves.

  • I don't know much about it to be honest and I guess the only people using this site will be the people it hasn't helped... I have no choice im just looking for a diagnosis it's been going on too long and I still don't know what's wrong.

  • If you are seeing the pain consultant at the Bristol nuffield he charges 95 or 110 on top his consultation fee (providing it isn't changing with the new year). These are for steroid and local anaesthetic injections done in the consulting room. I didn't need one (had had one previously) so I can't comment on how it is done. Hope this helps. (If yr not seeing this Dr then I'm sorry I can't help).

  • I also saw Mr Wong and was sent for ct guided bilateral nerve blocks with steroids. Cost approx £600 and caused a huge flare up and possible internal bleeding. Have you exhausted all conservative options first e.g. physio, mediation etc? Decompression surgery is tough and a year later my pain is worse not better. Please consider all options very carefully, surgery is in no way a quick fix or sadly any garentee you'll improve. Take care

  • I'm just looking for a diagnosis. he's giving me an X-ray guided anaesthetic that lasts 5 hours to see if it is the pudendal nerve causing my pain

  • yeah I am going to Bristol, thank you at least this gives me an idea :)

  • I paid £350 for the treatment,sorry to say it did not work for me.

  • oh well it's worth a go I have no other choice

  • My diagnosis was not just based on the ct guided nerve blocks but the "conclusive" evidence I was told came as part of a routine consultation where an ultra sound test was used . The ultra sound apparently showed loads of electricity and showed that both my arteries were sluggish which demonstrated that my right and left pudendal nerves were entrapped and preventing the blood moving freely along the arteries. It was after this test I was strongly advised to have surgery asap as without it apparently I would never improve.

    I offer this post as the ultra sound I had was a painless and non invasive test that will not cause further pain or damage and may be a starting point for your diagnosis?

    Good luck

  • Also is he using steroids with the nerve block as this seemed to aggravate my condition and I've not read any evidence to date that support its use?

  • I haven't been told anything about steroids, just an anaesthetic that lasts 5 hours. I haven't had confirmation or anything yet i'm waiting for a colleague of his to come back from holiday so I can meet him in Bristol. So just waiting impatiently haha

  • Is his colleague Mr greenslade? He performed the ultra sound testing on me during a consultation.

  • I think it is yeah, apparently Mr Wong is getting back to me today with a date as his colleague is back from holiday.

    How much did you pay for the pudendal nerve block? I'm just so confused and doubting myself again, I don't know what to do

  • The nerve blocks are approx £600. I know it's really confusing and difficult to know which way to turn. I saw Mr greenslade after I had ct nerve blocks. Like I said I had an ultra sound test with Mr greenslade it is painless and non invasive so may be a starting point as nerve blocks are not pleasant. Please take care and try not to stress too much, easy to say I know.

  • Hiya thanks for replying. I'm just confused, I don't know what's going on and I feel like I'm getting treatment for something I don't know I have.. And it kind of doesn't sit right with me. I don't know whether I'm wasting the money I don't have.. But then I think what have I got to lose ? It would be another diagnosis down and onto the next one I guess.

    It will be Dr greenslade I'll see in Bristol. I'm just waiting for his secretary to get back to me with a date. I'll see what he suggests and I will mention the ultrasound.

    Thank you x

  • I saw Dr Greenslade back in March of last year and I pretty sure I paid £300 consultation fee and it was going to be another £200 for the nerve block which I didn't have but he had all the equipment ready to do it in the room.

  • Just to let you know. It cost £300 for the consultation and £40 for the drugs in the end!

  • How did it go? Any update??

  • Sorry I haven't replied. I was pain free for around 4 hours so on that basis they gave me a diagnosis of left sided pudendal neuralgia and wanted to perform Pudednal decompression surgery. I have refused this for now because my head is all over the place. Every specialist I see has a different opinion and I just don't know where to turn. I have seen someone else who seems to think I have Adenomyosis due to the feeling of giving birth and pressure I get at period times. my pain is worse at ovulation and period. But I am not doubting that I have nerve damage in the pelvis too, possibly to the pudendal. Because I do have the pain in all that area all the time. I did have a fall around the time it started hurting and all the symptoms fit. So I'm just not sure what to do at the moment.

  • If you do end up having surgery then go to France......NOT ism ossicle to get funding from the NHS for this.......but you are quite right not to make a hasty decision.....the problem is the more opinions we get there more different diagnosie we can get.....which leaves our heads spinning. I have been diagnosed with PN and I am pretty certain from all my own resaerch this is what I have.

  • Quite agree, surgery is a big decision. Investigate the effects of having ligaments severed, this is a worry for me. As awful as this pain is, I don't want to swap one problem for another. Not an easy decision to make. A very individual decision, no 'one size fits all' 'cure'. Take care. Xx

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