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Does anyone know of a good pelvic pain specialist in the Midlands please? (endo and neuropathic pain)


Can anyone recommend someone please? I have been to the local pain clinic and he has only seen 3 people with chronic pelvic pain including me! I am hoping to find someone with more experience of treating neuropathic (femoral or genito-femoral nerve) and pelvic pain,


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Are you anywhere near Leicester ?


Hi, thanks for the reply, I am in Wolverhampton but I am willing to travel. Do hyou have experience of someone in Leicester?


There is a multi-disciplinary pelvic pain clinic in Leicester twice a month but there is a few months wait.


Are you in the U.S? There a several here in the U.S. I go to Dr. Stanley Antolak in Minneapolis. He is great. He helped me so much.


HI, sorry, should have said I'm in the UK, thanks for the reply anyway!


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