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Second post

This is my second post. I saw Pain Management Dr (located in North Carolina). My back sacrum area and buns were killing me by the time I drove there.

He said he did not understand why I was having back pain as nothing showed on MRI.

Told him about feeling urge to defecate when laying down, burning and pin prick as well as buttock spasms. He reviewed all previous Dr notes and said he wld do pudental nerve block next Friday Oct 30. He said I wld know within eight hours if that was successful.

He did some pushing and prodding on buttocks and said he did not think I had levator ani syndrome. I feel as though I have some medical mystery going on.

He does not do Botox injections and said I wld have to find Dr perhaps in Chapel Hill or Wake Forest who does Botox injections.

Anyone know any Dr in North Carolina who does Botox?

Will post next week to let you know if nerve block works. Rocky68

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Maybe it's a trigger pain. A sports physio will help you find them and treat them, will also show you how to treat them yourself with accupressure. May also be why it's not showing up on scans.

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Been going through similar issues. Find a gyno-urologist as that is who does my pudendal shots. Have gotten some relief and am due for my second round. Can definitely feel it wearing off. Between the Botox I also get steroid shots, sacroilliac nerves left and right from my orthopedist. Has helped a little with the standing, sitting and walking. Hope this helps.


Thanks. How long does your pudental block last? Do you get Botox for internal tightness in rectal area?


They said every 3 months which is coming up in couple of weeks. Will be honest I was expecting more relief but I will take what I can get. I have my injections done vaginally 😁. It is done for pelvic floor dysfunction.


My pain Dr said the pudental nerve block could be done vaginally but sounded very painful. He will go thru buttock for block. I don't have pelvic problems (thank goodness). Everything is in backside with spasms and pressure on anus feeling as though I need to defecate. It only feels that way when I lay down. It is uncomfortable to sit but to be honest my worse problem is urge to go to bathroom when I lay down.

Only thing I can figure out is it is related to nerve problem in laying position.

If shot does not help I don't know if I will continue seeing Drs as none of them have helped. I can't imagine how some people suffer with the stabbing pain.


Thanks Rocky68. Please let me know. My gyno, internal spec and my GI are treating me for chronic constipation. I actually think that is the biggest of my problems. Do let me know how your procedure worked.


If you are on any pain or anxiety medication try taking three stool softeners every night. I will do another post after I have time to see if procedure works or not.


I don't know how to say this to you, but there are lots of us with'medical mysteries'.

its a bit scarey aint it.

we used to think doctors knew everything when we were young.

you take care. I hope you get a good result.


So true, Costagran. Thanks!


I really would get a diagnosis first from a neurologist as pain management in my opinion may relieve some of the pain temporarily. Having your symptoms are very concerning and not something a pain injection can sort out. Maybe you will need an examination by a neurologist and MRI of your spine first. Also you can discuss how this started and see what they advise. Let us know how you get on. Good Luck.


Thank you for your response. I have seen a number of doctors including a neurologist. And also I have had two MRIs of the spinal area. No one seems to know where the source of pain is coming from.

The only thing all the doctors agree upon is it is nerve related. Levator ani syndrome has been ruled out as of my last examination.

The pudental nerve block is recommended based on symptoms. To be honest I think Drs are baffled and are eliminating pain sources one by one.

I don't have stabbing pain which may be easier to identify. I have pressure on rectum and muscle spasms as well as low back pain. I understand all these symptoms can involve the pudental nerve.

I will post after injection has had a chance to work or be another "shot in the dark". Rocky68



I have similar pain issues make contact.

Would you kindly private message your story and we can compare.

I live in UK.



Sandra. What do you mean by private message? Did you want me to email you directly? If so I will need your email address. Rocky68


Hi Rocky,

Sorry to get back to you late.

If you put your finger on the smiley face near Health unlocked a menu will come up to private message if you like.

May be you can give me your story and we can compare.

All the best



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