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Am i going crazy ?

To cut a long story short

1. Had a Laprascopic Sterillization in 2002

2. After Op went back to work after 3 days (not a sit down job either) had an infection was rushed to hospital and had to be "flushed out " ?

3. Was in pain after and finally got diagnosed with a cyst in 2005 even though i felt like my gynae and doctors thought i was making the pain up. Even just before op he said the cyst could of shrunk. duh had op and found it was a dermoid cyst and after googling found out dermoid cysts just don't shrink.

4. Had a year semi without pain few twinges the finally pain back but slightly different this time through family history Mum Dad and Sister I knew i had gallstones although doctor was highly skeptical and after a year of extreme pain finally had operation to remove gallbladder and many gallstones ! Felt like taking them to that doctor and saying " I told you so " !

5. 2012 still having pain went doctors referred to same gynae as cyst experience so wasn't very hopeful although didn't see consultant saw understudy and was put on Zoladex for 6 months then back to consultant who said i should of been on Zoladex and HRT so yet again for another 6 months pumped full off drugs while getting no real relief. Finally in January of 2014 I finally got a Hysterectomy and they found I had Endometriosis. Recovery was a long process and got a Haematoma which was awful.

6. It's now December 2014 and still in pain. Been back to consultant last week and he did a Transvaginal scan and basically said @Look NO WOMB NO CERVIX NO REOCCURRING ENDO NO OVARIES and basically come off Tramadol go to the gym do reflexology ! i am not a give up sit down person i walk half hour to work each day ( and not an office job) then walk home do half hour on treadmill Taking Tramadol helps.

Feel like they think i'm crazy. Even more so today as decided I wouldn't take the Tramadol and pain was awful by 5 pm so took a couple pain eased after an hour :)

All I really want is not too be fobbed off and made to feel crazy.


What will happen at the pain clinic, really worried i'm going to be fobbed off again and going to stop the tramadol which is the only thing that relieves the pain so i can at least go about things semi normal

Any advice or support would be lovely

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First of all - you are not going mad! I can imagine how frustrated you are tho. I had a lot of pain after my hysterectomy and went back to the hospital as an emergency case twice. Luckily I was taken in each time by two different neighbours, who sat with me while I waited to be seen. Those two trips apparently never happened as the hospital have no record of my being seen! So glad i had people with me or i would have thought I was going mad then!!

That was over four years ago and all through the four years I have been to pain clinics, seen consultants, had an op on my lower back and yes - still in pain. I was at my wits end and then at three in the morning I found this site. Over some weeks I read of many peoples journeys through the hospital system, I learnt where to look for more information and best of all I learnt that I was not going mad!

With new knowledge and guidance through possible causes and researching my own personal pain issue etc I have been able to talk to my doctor far more informed and able to get the pain issue over more clearly. She has always been brilliant but was at a loss as to how to help me

Now I have better medication which usually keeps things under better control and I am able to find experts who do understand this pain and may be able to help me. Things are finally looking much more positive. So keep looking and just don't give up. It's not all in your head it's a genuine pain that needs to be sorted. I agree that sometimes it's easier to try and distract yourself with some activity when it's really bad, but the pain is still there.....

I wish you all the best , but remember, you are not going mad


You're not mad, but sooo many doctors do their best at making sure a psych diagnosis is entered into your history so they have an "out" for why they won't do their jobs.

I think you should push to see another gynecologist. I was told I had an ovarian remnant and swore I didn't since one had already been removed 10 years before! But I found another MD and she did a lap procedure and found the following: one fallopian tube which was left behind from the removal of previous ovarian remnant!

Also found that the surgical staples from my hysterectomy had loosened and drifted! These 24(!) staples had embedded all over my abdominal cavity and plenty of infection there too, literally a bloody mess!

It used to be, and many docs probably still, leave BEHIND the fallopian tubes. Imagine leaving dead tissue in the body! What's going to happen? In my body I developed 3 autoimmune conditions, after all, my body had dead body in it! Why WOULDN'T my body go crazy trying to limit the damage? They had to cut out a pound of calcified flesh. Honestly, sometimes I think doctors are shockingly limited in their thinking. I have an inherited collagen disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. If your body makes everything part "loose" what's going to happen to staples over time??? No one asked that question. I actually HAD asked that question and had MDs laugh and roll their eyes.

I had all that stuff taken out almost 2 years ago, and I have photos from the surgery. But one time I took those surgical notes and photos to a consult and found out later that the doctor I showed them to had ALSO written in my history "psychosocial dysfunction". Whatever that is! All any of us want is to be treated with respect, but we get little to none. I, like you, have just about had it with MDs. I told my sister last night that the only way I'll see another MD is in my own autopsy! Don't know how many weeks it will take for my anger to subside, so I guess that's my " psychosocial dysfunction " at work!


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