May be TMI... Bleeding Concern

Hi......this may get a little disgusting but I definitely need some advice. I'll make this short and simple. For a week I've been having dark brown spotting. I noticed it really only when urinating at first. Now it's a little more and thicker. And come along with pelvic pain. I haven't had a menstrual since the 19th of July. I'm on a form of birth control which is placed in the arm,called a Nexplanon. I tried to go in to see my Gyn however she has no appts available until the 10th of October. Should I go to the hospital?! What could this be?!

2 Replies

  • Can you see a GP in the meantime ?

  • Ok....general practitioner! I just dropped mine a few weeks ago and have been seeking a new "GP" that accepts my insurance in my area. So basically,I don't have one right now!

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