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My partner feels I may benefit from a better cushion to sit on when I do have to sit, so been looking round the web and came across this American site called and they do cushions on there. , which may be

of interest to some people on here, I think the dearest one was $95.00(approx £55.40) and then postage on top , there is a $75.00 one and they can cut it in the middle to the shape you want or you just click on a shape from the suggestions on there

So just thought I would share!

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  • Thanks for sharing I have just had a quick look. Bit concerned about the depth of the cushions 2.25 inches does not seem much and having tried to buy good quality foam to make a cushion I wonder how much it will compress when sat on. May be a good question to ask? There is a company in UK,I think it is called a valley cushion which seemed to be good quality but I did not think there was a wide enough gap down the middle for me. We all have slightly different needs but can only try to find best product. Thanks for talking the time to share and let us know how you get on if you buy one of the cushions.

    Good luck, Marion

  • After I posted I had a more in depth look at it and like you didn't feel the depth was enough, unless you are as light as a feather sitting on it!! I was thinking of making my own, I thought maybe out of those garden kneelers I have drawn a design on paper and I think it would work but I haven't gone into production yet! I don't mean the kneelers on a metal seat just the cheaper ones you get to kneel on , anyway I yet have to see if it would be worthwhile, I just thought it is dense material , anyway if not I shall work something else out!! Don't think the valley cushion is right for me either already looked at that , I don't want to buy one from America then find I have spent money on something that will cost too much if there are problems with it!

  • I used one similar to the twin cheeks one for years: mine was thinner and I could fold it to carry in my rucksack. I ordered it from the USA. Then when it was rather worn I discovered the Valley cushion which is a lot better but more expensive. I love the way it can be adjusted by the amount of air in it. It's not as easy to carry around but very useful in the car. Everyone is different though and a lot of people I know have made their own.

  • Hi Judy, I suspect that I have pudendal neuralgia and am thinking of getting a Valley cushion. Did you opt for the Valley SV cushion which is supposed to be more portable measuring 44 x 46 x 5cm or the slightly deeper slightly wider version measuring 46 x 46 x 9cm? I'm wondering if the 5cm would be deep enough, but I want something portable, i.e. mainly to use when I have to go to hospital appointments etc (as at home indoors I avoid sitting). Also, what was your preferred cover for you Valley cushion - 'proofed' or fabric cover? Would greatly appreciate you advice. Thanks in advance.

  • I opted for the more portable one and I don't have it inflated to the maximum. Mine is the pvc cover although fabric would have been nicer !

  • Thanks, Judy. That's the one I thought of getting as it should be more practical and portable for me. Do you think it would be okay for someone like me with a rectocele and coccyx pain too?

  • I would have thought that anything that relieves the pressure should help !

  • Yes, guess it's got to be worth a try. Thanks v. much :)

  • Hi again, Judy,

    I still haven't tried a Valley Cushion as yet - someone recommended a Togu Airgo Active cushion which was much cheaper, so I sent for that and tried that first. I didn't get on with the latter though because it felt very bouncy and unstable as it's filled with air. The Valley cushion has air in it too, so now I'm wondering if it too might not be suitable for me...Is the Valley Cushion bouncy like that or does it feel pretty stable? (Sometimes I will be using the Valley cushion on trains to include the underground tube trains in London, which tend to rock/throw you about a bit, so I need something relatively stable to sit on, as I have had sacro-iliac problems in the past.)

    Thanks in advance for your further advice - and/or to anyone who can advise me about this.

  • Hi fielder,

    I will be very interested in responses to your post. I have the same areas of pain you have. Coccyx/ rectal area. At the moment the best thing for me is just a flattish just gives me a bit of padding when I have to sit on one bum cheek / leg!


  • Hi Suzysheep,

    I belong to another forum that also deals with this kind of thing and will post on there to find out if anyone can advise re whether the Valley cushion is bouncy/unstable or not, i.e. if Judy doesn't get to see my posting and no one else replies...Will let you know what responses I get.

    When I purely had coccyx pain, I found the relaxobak original "butt bucket" seat really good for in the car; not sure how it would be with really bad rectal pain, however. (My rectal pain is intermittent and usually dull-ish. ) Since getting vulvodynia though - in my case burning pain from vagina to clitoris - the relaxobak hasn't been so good for that, although it's still better than sitting on any other cushion I've tried thus far.) A general down side to the relaxobak is that it's just plastic, so it can get a bit hot and sweaty, despite the air holes :( I don't find it too hard though, despite it being plastic (it's a slightly bendy plastic). Some people have recommended a Backjoy, which is a similar seat to the relaxobak as there is a version that has some foam on it for a bit of padding. X

  • Hi suzysheep, if you are looking for a decent coccyx cushion that is firm yet not rock solid and it does not squash down like many do I would recommend the one I have had for two years I bought it from it is called "deluxe coccyx cushion by life's wonderful " cost is around £20 free posting

    I am nothing to do with promoting this cushion or company , just came across it in 2012 and it was a quite a bit dearer

    Just thought it may be helpful to you

    I am 12 stone and it has never squashed or become misshapen still using it now

    If you are heavier than that ( no offence) I just mean that have a look on their other things and they may do a bigger size

  • Thank you both for your replies. I will look into both of your suggestions.


  • I have a valley cushion (I got it through the community occupational health team after a bit of negotiation) . It is quite solid, the inflatable bits are inside the foam of the cushion. Although it is solid, it is quite bulky to be carrying around all day. I use it for driving, one side inflated, the other flat, to relieve the pressure and pain on the pudendal nerve. It helps me a lot. I also bring it indoors if I am going to sit at the dining room table for a lengthy period. Hope this helps.

  • Thankyou sueboooo ... Maybe I will ask when I finally get some appointments through from physio. Been waiting a few weeks to hear anything after my initial consultation with dr Baranowski.

    How are you doing? Any better??

  • Recovering slowly but surely, still painful if I do too much and very tired. Been 4 weeks today. Few more weeks off work, no driving for 2 more weeks. But feeling positive. Thank you for your concern. Xxx

  • Hi Sueboooo

    Does the Valley Cushion feel bouncy/unstable at all, what with it having air in it? I need something that feels stable due to my having sacro-iliac/lumbar problems (as well as vulvodynia/pn-like pain).

    Thanks :)

  • It is fairly stable. They are expensive to buy but I know you can hire them too. Maybe this will be a cheaper option to try it out and see what you think of it.

  • Thanks v much, Sueboooo

    Did you opt for the ordinary/original (9cm-15cm thick) Valley cushion or the (5cm-9cm thick) SV Valley cushion? I was thinking/wondering whether the thicker one might be too high/thick for putting on most seats.

    I will look into hiring one - or maybe I would be able to return it under the distance selling regulations cooling off period when you buy things online. Will look at the terms and conditions (for once in my life! :) )

  • I have the normal one, it is quite bulky.

  • Thanks Sueboooo,

    I might go for the smaller SV one then - with fingers crossed that the 5-9cm thickness will raise me up enough either side of the cushion's 'valley' to stop my vulva from touching anything.

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