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Terrified of what might be wrong. Any reassurance would be amazing please.


I'm terrified of what might be wrong. Any reassurance would be amazing please.

I have been having very heavy and clotting periods for over a year now. These past few months however I have started to have lots of thick smelly discharge, burning pain in my abdomen, needing to urinate frequently and only going a little bit, longer periods and severe bloating (for past 6 months) any ideas what this could be? I'm terrified it could be cancer. I have scans on Wednesday but just hoping for some reassurance until then if possible please. I'm so desperate and truly grateful to anyone who replies. Thank you

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I think you would best waiting to hear what the scan shows as trying to guess won't help. It sounds like you may have a few issues going on so I hope you get some answers very soon. Good luck.


No idea u need to scan. I think it sounds abit ibs or intolerance to something?

If ur clotting u need to b on transexamic acid or something? Do u get bloating after certains foods or only when on period.

It hard to suggest as it so vague


Tranexamic acid will only lessen the bleeding, try norethisterone it's a hormone tablet that will stop bleeding and ease abdominal discomfort. I have just finished a 10 day prescription for that and it helped. Doctor should do an internal exam and urine test to check for infection. Do not sit and wait it out. Phone doctor now to get an appointment earlier


Regardless of what you find out from the scans... take a deep breath and consider your options. You've provided little more than a sketch of your history here so, without more data it's impossible to relate what youre experiencing. This is where support systems come in to give you encouragement, overview your symptoms, collate, analyze and help you plot your course. Keep us up to date on the results of the latest scans, blood work, etc. We'll help you with sorting things out.


Praying for you and understand your concerns. The best thing is that you are having test and I hope the outcome will bring you treatment healing and relief. I know God to be a healer and to give efficient grace towards us in any situation....cry out to Him...He loves you.

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Doesnt sound like cancer sounds more like a STD, fibroids or endometriosis. If the scans don't show anything make sure you see an OBGYN surgeon. Dr. Michael Hibner in Phoenix AZ is one of the best in the country.


I had a lot of pain and smelly periods before my change in my 40s, I’m 70 now . I had a d and c in my early 40s. My daughter is experiencing the same thing, she is starting her change.


Did you have any blood tests? CA125?

Severe bloating for over 6 months? When did you go to your GP? Because any suspicion of cancer would have resulted in an earlier scan (I think).

I would see GP tomorrow with current symptoms of thick, smelly discharge, burning pain in abdomen and frequent urination.

You could go to A&E with the abdo pain.

Do you have a high temperature?

If it rises above 37.5 I think I would call a doctor or phone 111.


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