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Hi everyone. I have had lots of abdo pain and hardly any periods for a few years now. I have just had a detailed scan which showed extreme

Polycistic ovaries which are enlarged greatly. I also have low testosterone levels and abnormal cervical cells which im having a colposcopy for. Can anyone tell me what my options are for ovaries pls. I just want to be free of pain so I may get back to being a fun mummy again x many thanks

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There are various treatments for polycystic ovaries, metformin is one. Are you certain the cysts aren't endometriomas . Is the pain all the time or during periods ?


Hi. Thsnk you for your reply. Its there all the time.


I know you are very experienced in this. Its lovely to see us women are not alone. My doctor put me on tramadol for pain until we established what was wrong. I stopped taking it because of the addictiveness and side effects. Now im left in agony all the time. It wakes me at night n stops me doing simple things like vacuming x


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