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I have already been dx with endomet. and had a hysterectomy 4 years ago. I had new bad abd. right pain. Can endomt. still be the cause?

Can this stuff continue to grow after the uterus is removed? Can it still be the cause of my pain 4 years later. We already rules out appendicitis and the remaining ovary is A-ok. Symptoms are lots of right, abdom pain and nausea.

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Yes, it certainly can. Endometriosis is found outside the uterus. Is the remaining ovary on the right ?


We just confirmed yesterday, the remaining ovary is on the left and the pain is on the right. They did find something on the right side in the ultrasound. But they didn't know what it was....could be left over fibroid tissue, scarring or endometrial tissue. So far the docs are pretty much clueless. Meanwhile the pain is bad, the blotting and the nausea. It prevents me from my normal day to day fun running and swimming.


Sometimes part of the ovary can be left behind covered by scar tissue etc. Are you currently having any medical treatment for endometriosis ?


No, they removed as much endometriosis as they could during my hysterectomy but I'm sure (it sounds like) they couldn't get it all. My right side has always hurt more since the surgery...just not quite at this level. I just starting taking Premarin for the nasty hot flashes.


I wouldn't take Premarin , this could actually make it worse, there are alternatives that may be less drastic


I only decided to try Premarin because I also have epilepsy and the hot flashes were keeping up all night, unable to sleep. Sleep deprevation always kicks up my seizures - and we were trying to avoid that. Is there something better (safer) I can try for the super bad hot flashes? I already tried a ton of over counter, homepathic stuff like black cohash. I so appreciate you comments and thoughts!!


There is an HRT gel ( Oestrogel ) available on prescription in the UK which you can adjust to use the lowest dose to get relief. I use a gel which is available on prescription in most of Europe. It's a natural oestrogen and I preferred it to the above.

The following info may be useful:

What are the alternatives to HRT for menopausal symptoms?

For hot flushes and night sweats

• HRT is currently the most effective treatment for vasomotor symptoms.

• Effective non-hormonal preparations include serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (venlafaxine and desvenlafaxine) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (paroxetine, fluoxetine, citalopram, and escitalopram).

• Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors that induce CYP2D6 particularly paroxetine and fluoxetine, should be avoided in women who take tamoxifen as they may interfere with the metabolism of tamoxifen.

• Gabapentin is the only non-hormonal product shown to be equally effective as low dose oestrogen for vasomotor symptoms.

• Clonidine is mildly effective.

6 RANZCOG College Statement: C-Gyn 16

• Relaxation therapy, mindfulness based therapies, and cognitive behaviour therapy may improve vasomotor symptoms. A recent systematic review showed no effect for any other interventions (including acupuncture, homeopathy, vitamin E, or magnetic devices) for hot flushes after breast cancer.

• Overall, data from large randomised controlled trials do not support the efficacy of black cohosh or other “natural remedies” for the treatment of hot flushes.

• So called “bio-identical” hormones have not been shown to be safe or effective.

• Vaginal dryness can be effectively treated with topical oestrogen. Vaginal oestrogens can be used safely in the long term without additional progestogens.

• Non-hormonal options for atrophic vaginitis include lubricants and vaginal moisturisers, although there is little evidence to suggest they offer the sustained benefit associated with vaginal oestrogen.

Doctors may read a comprehensive review of the literature on the NHMRC web site:

Most of the information in this statement and associated references can be found in:

Hickey M, Elliott J, Davison SL. Hormone replacement therapy. BMJ 2012 Feb 16;


I'm going to print this off and take it to my next dr. appt (ob/gyn specialist). I'm already taking gabapentin.


I have an update on my medical problems - I had surgery a week ago. What they found was indeed much more endometriosis down there. The woman surgeon removed the new endometriosis, the left ovary which was covered with endometriosis and tube, and several scar/adhesions. This time my surgery was done laprascopically. I seem to be healing very well and on my way to a great recovery.


have you been checked for gallbladder that causes pain only on the right


I had that removed at age 26, but that would have been a good thing to rule out if it was still there. They did rule out appendictis via CT scan.


I have had my gallbladder out too but still get stabbing pain in my right side never got to the bottom of it recently blamed my fibromyalgia for the pain so who knows?wishing you luck please let me know if you find out the cause.


I recently had a ultrasound followed by a dr. appt to a gyn specialist. I'm having laproscopic surgery soon as they can get me in. They see some abnormal tissue growth or mass connected to my cervix, they just don't know if this is causing the horrible pain. But they are guessing it is and hence going to dive in and look around, take it out of it is. All I know is the pain on the right, right side back pain and nausea are horrible. You know you are hurting when you say "I can't wait for the surgery".


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