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Pelvic Fracture/Post Surgery- 3years later with possible reconstructive surgery in the furture

Pelvic Fracture/Post Surgery- 3years later with possible reconstructive surgery in the furture


almost 3 years ago oct 13, 2011 I was in a terrible horse riding accident where my pelvis was split in two and my bladder was torn. I was rushed to one hospital who deemed they did not have the personal to fix me so I was packed up and sent to another bigger hospital in the city. 5 hours later I was in emergency surgery with 4 surgeons one a urologist who fixed my bladder. Before the surgery the doctors asked me if I planned on every riding again and I said yest since I own a 60 acre ranch and its a passion of mine that i cannot live without. so the doctor told me we would need to do surgery, a metal plate was placed on my pubic bone with 6 screws and one long screw in the back of my pelvis connecting my two hip bones and tail bones. I was in the hospital for a total of 8 days then I was sent home confined to a wheelchair for 3 months. Every 4 weeks I returned to my surgeon to have xrays and to check my recovery. At the 3 month mark I was recovering as predicted and the doctor said I could go on crutches only uses my right leg since my left side had more damage done to it. When i returned a month later after using crutches with my right leg for a month I was very upset to find when they did my xrays that the front plate had broken clean in one spot. The doctor commented in his report that I went from 1.1cm to 1.4 cm, however I would be fine and would tighten up over time. II had two more monthly check ups, I kept asking if he felt the plate needed to be fixed because I was concerned with what it would do to me in the future and that I was planning on having children. The surgeon commented that it would not stop me from having children expect I would have to delivery by c-section because of the obvious plates and screws in my pelvis. The surgeon told me he does these surgeries all the time and it is normal for the plate to eventually give way because the pelvis is not meant to be stationary but flexible. In April 2012 the doctor released me from his care for the last time and gave me the all clear to start walking again with a cane and then eventually without it. (attached a picture of my last xrays in 2012)

Now almost 3 years later, I have dealt with all kinds of pain and weird popping noises coming from my pelvis and tingling/numb sensations, though I have never let it slow me down. I am very active working on my farm this includes lifting things, walking around and yes riding my horses, though with a saddle that has a pad these days and nothing more then a walk. Anyway I was having some intestinal issues and wanted my pelvis checked, I was xrayed last friday the tech let me look at them and I was dismayed to see that the the most inner right screw(looking at the picture) on my pelvic bone has now also broken. My primary doctor has referred me to an orthopedic specialist, so now i sit and wait to see that doctor to what my options are, which i have a feeling I was right and they are going to have to do reconstructive surgery. I have been loosing weight hoping that will help and taking a lot of glucosemine and msm supplements. I also no longer take pain or sleep meds anymore except for the occasional Ibuprofen.

I am so angry and frustrated because I feel if this had been taken care of correctly by the doctor the first time I would not be in this situation. I feel depressed and hopeless because I just got married and I was hoping to start a family and i feel like i will never be able to because of how messed up my pelvis is :( I cry all the time and stress out about doesn't help that i have been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder so any kind of pain or tingling numbness no matter how fleeting i go into a state of panic. I just feel like I am the only person in the world going through this and I was hoping if i shared my story maybe I could find some positive support and feel comforted by the fact that maybe I am not alone.

I don't have a copy of the new xrays as of yet

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You are an incredibly brave and inspirational person and sound as though medically you have been to hell and back but have continued to fight and work through this. Congratulations on your recent marriage and hope this will bring much joy and happiness. While medically I am unsure what to say as although I'm in chronic pelvic pain it is a different condition but you are certainly not alone and feel sure you will gain support and inspiration from the forum.

I really hope you find some comfort physically and mentally. Take care thinking of you


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