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My 25 year old daughter had extensive surgery for endometriosis in June, 2013. She has also been told she has prudential neuralgia. advice?

We're not sure where to turn now for help with these symptoms, but need some advice, she's tried PT, is going to a chiropractor, etc. but can't sleep at night because of frequent urination, and shooting pains. we don't know what to do next.

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Where did she have surgery, have you requested a copy of the surgical report and has she seen a pain specialist ? Is she able to sit/stand and is she working ?


Hi Sorry to hear about your daughter - what kind of pain relief is she taking? Amitriptyline or notriptyline may help with the frequent urination / shooting pains.


she needs to start nerve pain meds FAST.

after a while she can go for botox and nerve blocks

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