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Pelvic pain and back pain due to uterine fibroids

I too am suffering chronic pain in my lpelvic area, lower abdomen and lower back. I also have fibroids and am trying to work out whether the fibroids are causing the low back pain or whether there is another cause. The pelvic pain is a heaviness and is worse when I move or walk a lot. It is much worse when I have a period. I have been reading about fibroid pain at

but remain confused. How do you work out if a large fibroid is causing lumbar back pain or not?:confused:

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I'm not a doctor, but my theory is if you already had back pain (tigger points) before having pelvic pain, it tend to worsen when the pelvic pains are more intense.

I have endometriosis, and when my pelvic pain is very intense, my back starts to hurt at the same time. whene it's not very intense, my back is almost ok.

Most pelvic pain and back pain are related to nerves. I mean, sometimes there's not exactly a problem in an spot/area, but the nerves give a much bigger feeling of pain.


thanks for you reply , what you say makes sense


I too have similar symptoms to you but my gynocologist has said the pain is not due to the fibroids but IBS!!!!

I'm going round and round in circles and now being prescribed very strong painkillers but not being treated for the symptoms !!

Good luck!


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