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Good news and not so good news!

Good news first! I was referred to Addenbrookes to see a Heptologist ( Excellent) as my G P was not happy with gasto consultant. The Heptologist knew all about PBC and they run a special PBC clinic, they have about 5000 patients . He has upped my URSO to 1000mg a day from 500mg. Blood tests results after 6 weeks on URSO look encouraging !

Not so good news! I need to go and have a Lumbar Puncture as they think I have M S, as well as an Underactive Thyroid and Sjorgans syndrome. From blogs I have read this seems to be the norm if you have one auto immune disease you seem to have others as well ! Does anyone have similar to me ? If so how are they managing with work etc?

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I have PBC with Scleroderma, hypothyroidism and secondary sjogrens. I also have antibodies for pernicious anemia. I manage to work full time, although i have realised that i need regular holidays, as well as eating properly etc. I find i get depressed quite easily, so try to have things to look forward to. Good luck with the lumbar puncture.


I have AIH/PBC overlap syndrome, under active thyroid and vitiligo (so 4 autoimmune conditions in total). I only work part time which works for me. Don't think I could manage full time. I let my body wake me up on the days I do not work, sometimes 11am. If I listen to my body I find I have a good quality of life (long may that continue, god willing). Take care.


I have 7 autoimmune diseases


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