Good News!!

Good News!!

Hi PBC family,

PBC is a rollercoaster ride isn't it? But for now I'm gonna enjoy my good news. Had some extensive labs done recently. My liver had been aching as well as terrible muscle aches too. I have to be on RA drugs that can complicate the whole liver issue... anyway, after 2 rounds of steroids and upping my Sulfasalazine for this RA, my liver enzymes still went down. The URSO is keeping my Alk-phos steady. It fluctuates between 138-180. Right now it's at 148 down from 157 two weeks ago. Other liver enzymes are in normal range for now 🙌.

I had family visiting for 3 weeks and cooked a lot. (That means "ate" a lot) Let's just say I wasn't sticking to my strict diet. I still didn't have any alcohol... too scared to go there still. But I did make my mama's Enchiladas and we had Chinese twice!! Not to mention buffet style breakfasts.... Ugh!

I'm back on the straight and narrow and just happy that this big lab work-up came back on a good note. I'm still taking my supplements and still trying to drink lots of water.

Prayers for all of us always!!


DX PBC 10/16 early stage, DX RA 4/17

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  • Glad for you, Stella! Good to hear positive news!

    All the best to you!

  • Hi Ktltel

    Stella so happy to read your post, you are such a lovely woman. Thank you for posting.

  • Thank you ButterflyEi,

    Had to post. I was so stressed out about these tests. So happy they are over with.

  • Great news, 'Atta girl'. Also so good to have fun family time - always good to chill, de-stress and enjoy ourselves.

    Take care.


  • Thank you GrittyReads,

    I had too much fun with family.. Ate too much. I'm trying to get back on track. Was so relieved everything went well.

  • Grittyreads i wonder do you know if taking statins has anything to do with pbc

  • Hi, I have never taken statins. DX PBC 10/16

    Stella ♥️

  • Its so hard to get my head around this disease recently diagnosed do doctors know what causes it i keep going over everything in my head any advice would be apprrciated very depressed since i got diagnosis

  • GrittyReads is right. Post a new message. Pour out your concerns. Give as much information as possible about what your doctors have told you, your lab numbers, test results and your symptoms. This way ones can make a few expressions from similar experiences.

    Just understand we have all been where you are. It does take a while to sink in. It will get better.

    Stella ♥️

  • Sorry, don't know. I would ask the PBC Foundation people, or post a new message/question on the site, maybe tomorr as weekends can be quiet.

    This post from Ktltel is 3 months old and won't be being chacked by most PBCers.

    Sorry I don't know more,

    take care

  • Thanks

  • Gritty reads do you have pbc i am so stressed find it hard to sleep i think you mentioned they thought you had it but you didnt

  • Hi Ballymohan2,

    No I don't have PBC.

    I have AMAs (M2, high level), but I don't have PBC. I have my liver function tests checked every year, and all has been fine since AMAs were first spotted in 1992.

    There was a brief, unpleasant phase when a new-to-me- consultant 'sort of' diagnosed me as 'sort of' PBC ... which caused havoc with Insurance. However, with my GP's blessing, I saw one of the UK's leading PBC specialists, and after he checked my health history, family history and did lots more tests he confirmed I don't have it. I've never had any symptoms, and am generally slim, fit and healthy, for my age.

    If you have got it, do try not to worry, as stress is the worst thing for all autoimmune conditions. Also, awareness and knowledge about PBC is so much better than it used to be, the medication makes a huge difference, and there are ways of helping yourself by good healthy diet, exercise, cutting alcohol, and trying to cut stress.

    So, have fun and enjoy yourself: dance, or play, or sing, or party your way to being as healthy as it's possible to be. Also, avoid worry and people who stress you and make you worry.

    Take care and treat yourself.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks thats good news

  • Happy for you😚

  • Yes! Definitely celebrate the good results. And how wonderful to have the quality family time. Thanks for sharing.

  • So happy for you for the good news and the good time with your family. Hope your healing continues.

  • Janelng,

    Thank you so much.

  • Happy for you enjoy the happy times!

  • MichiganPBC,

    Thank you, I am. I know this is a progressive disease. My motto is... Do all I can while I can. ❤

  • That's a good attitude, I embrace my good days more now than ever, because when I have bad days it's hard to deal with them as you know, I think there is a learning process that goes along with chronic illness after living with it for a while.

  • MichiganPBC,

    How are you doing? I had to familiarize myself with your posts. My hair is getting thinner and thinner in just 10 months that I've Been diagnosed. Plus I take Sulfasalazine for RA too. I've read that causes hair loss too. I had A LOT of hair before this... thank goodness. But it's most definitely falling out. My shower drain and hair brush don't lie. 😕

  • I am having some better days lately I had to cut my URSO dose in half as it was making me too ill to eat or function, my doctor said we will slowly increase back up to where I need to be and this is a very common problem with URSO. Of course I worry I am progressing by not being on the full dose but my doctor said it's a slow progressive disease and not to dwell on it, so I try to live each day to the fullest and stay positive I will not progress fast. So nice to have you and the others on here to talk too and get information from just a blessing like we are all angels looking out for each other right!

  • I agree. With so much in the world going wrong, and then add dealing with an illness on top of the day to day.... It sure is nice to have each other as sounding boards, or for support. I've learned so much on this forum. I've also met a wonderful group of women and a few men too on here. We may be at different stages but your right...i can sure feel the care and concern from others too. ❤

  • Yes exactly such a blessing to help each other nothing better! Talk soon again have a good night there I am going to bed now been a long day here . Hope you have a good night sleep.

  • Nice visiting. Good night. Sleep well.

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