Finally, some good news!!

Got my first set of blood work back after being on Urso for 3 months and my levels are coming down!

My ALP went from 500 to 300, and my ALT and AST are now in normal ranges. My bilirubin has remained the same (it was good before) and my Albumin is just slightly less, which could be explained by a statistical shift due to different labs.

Overall, I am very encouraged. My fatigue is better overall, though I still have some horrible days, my pain on the right side is better too, almost completely gone unless I am stupid with eating.

I go see my gastro next Tuesday. Still waiting on the results from my Rheumy tests. Hope they are as encouraging.

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  • Hi Notor,

    That is awesome! I am so happy for you! It is good to hear this encouraging news. It definitely gives me hope too.


  • Fantastic news. All going in the right direction. Take care. X

  • Hello NotorDJP.

    I too had good results after 2mths on urso in the early days. Mine continued to come down over subsequent months and then slow down. It isn't normally known how you will continue to come down or remain stable with urso until mroe time has passed.

    I know for me I have made a slight wavy line on a graph if I was to plot one over the last 3 and half yrs I've been taking urso. What I'm saying is it is a good sign that you are doing well and keep in mind as time passes that like myself in the event you get a slight rise in future as in you don't feel your LFTs are as good as previous one, don't get disheartened as I've found with taking urso and PBC anything can seemingly go with the LFTs for myself anyway.

    I had 2 slight rises in my bloods in 6mths but my most recent bloods taken early July showed a drastic come down of the ones that are considered important in PBC (AST, ALP and GGT). My bloods now from 2010 are considerably much much improved to what they were becoming later in 2010 just prior to diagnosis.

    I go off how I am feeling and don't take much notice of the LFTs these days. As more time goes I am sure that you will greatly improve. I was fatigued back in 2010 but never thought much of it, the itch has been my bug-bear and still can be but at the end of the day despite that I feel normal these days, do not suffere fatigue any longer as at some point during 2011 that vanished.

    Good Luck with the Rheumatologist.

  • I am so happy for you....

  • I am so happy for you....

  • I am so happy for you....

  • I am so happy for you....

  • I am so happy for you....

  • I am so happy for you....

  • Fantastic! I hope to be as lucky :)

  • So pleased for you. I have a similar experience. Started urso in March and my lfts are looking much healthier _ so thanks urso!

  • Notor, that is such an encouragement for me. I get blood work next week for the second time. My first tests showed higher numbers than ever even with the urso, and it was hard not to be discouraged. Thank you for sharing the good news! I hope your other test results are positive news as well.

  • I hope your results improve! I was actually surprised my basic LFT's (not ALP) went down so much. I knew ALP is what we watch and I expected it to go down, but wasn't sure how far. I know I have had PBC a long time, so I didn't expect overnight results. Hope yours improve.

  • Wonderful news! Let's hope those numbers keep going in the right direction.


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