Good news!!!!

Hi everyone

Diagnosed with pbc in June and have been taking urso since June. Went back to consultant in Paddington , London yesterday . Consultant said my bloods have really come down to almost June they were 380 now 140. I am really over the moon.taking urso 1000mg a day. 2 in the morning 2 in the evening. The consultant said when my bloods are this level less restrain on the liver.i was expecting more gloom and doom.could not be happier. Don't have to see consultant until April, wanted share my good news with my fellow sufferers.

Love you all x

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  • Great news

  • That is fantastic news :-)

  • That's great news. I'm about to start urso. 😊

  • Hope you have as much luck as me I feel so happy .

  • Fantastic news! Enjoy life x

  • Fab news. 😀X

  • Lovely to read your post. Great!

  • That's wonderful 😀

  • Lcagar63 I am so happy for you.

  • Thanks rockie really kind

  • That's fantastic news x

  • Aw, that's great. I am really happy for you.

  • Thanks auntym really kind

  • That's great to hear, bet that was a relief x

  • So happy!!!

  • Good for you! So nice to hear about positive outcomes!

  • Delighted for you - enjoy your life x

  • Fabulous news xx

  • fantastic news!!! I'm really happy for you :)

  • That's a great result. I'm on 750g and due for my first blood tests in 10 days since starting on Urso. Fingers crossed I get as positive result. Stay well.

  • 10 days is not that long but hopefully you will see a slight difference. I had been taking it for 20 weeks. Good luck.

  • Hi Lcagar63. Sorry for poorly written response...I've been on Urso since mid July so it'll be nearly 20 weeks by the time they take some more blood so just about the same as yourself. Just hoping I'm in the 50-60% who respond to Urso! Time will tell all.

  • I thought ten days seemed a bit strange!!!! Let us know how things go.hopefully you get good results. Fingers and legs are crossed for you x

  • Sorry for tardy response! Blood results carried out by GP showed LFTs all in normal range (yeh!). Doc at King's ran a load more but I'm out of the country just now so have to wait for the results thatll be waiting for me. Not expecting anything of note.... fingers crossed. Next step is the bone density scan in March. Hoping all good there. Adele

  • That's my version of pbc

    10 years later still well

    Onwards and upwards

  • That's great news! Do you think you would ever go off the med if you have normal readings?

  • My consultant told me to carry on taking urso and come back in April 2017. I don't think I will come off urso even if bloods are good. I used to feel awful without it. I feel really good now. I don't want to go back down hill!!!

  • Great news x

  • Thats good news I was taking 3 x 250g a day but it made no difference now on 5 x 250g a day for next 4 months to see if I respond.

  • Hopefully you will respond to a higher dose. Let us know the outcome in 4 months.

  • Will do, thank you

  • Fabulous. I had my first dose this morning. It makes you feel a bit weird , and tastes hideous x

  • Excellent news ...I've had similar results. Does make me feel very lucky. Hope you stay well x

  • Good news, congratulations!


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