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Hooray - a very happy day :)

Just wanted to let you all know some good news from me (for a change!!) as I find everyones support on here invaluable, so it's good to pass on happy as well as sad news.

I had my consultant appointment earlier today (6 mnth check up) & have been told my PBC is stable (at last !!) :D :D :D

LFT results were all within expected parameters bar 1 & even that reading was nearly 100 lower than 6 months ago.

All I need to do is

......... up my vit D intake - a bit difficult in the UK with our lack of sun, so I guess it'll be supplements as I can't get a foreign holiday on prescription, lol

...... continue the Urso

......see a rheumotologist re: aches & pains.....

& go back in a year :)

So, all in all, a good day - hope this finds you all well -

Sue xx

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Great news. :-)


That is really nice to hear,i go to see my consultant on Thursday hope i get some good results like you have had. Take Care .


good luck cavi - I'll keep my fingers (& everything else!!) crossed for you for Thursday :) take care too


Thanks Soos125 for thinking of me on Thursday,it's really nice to know every one care's so much on here.


Fantastic news, really pleased for you. Like u said it is nice to hear good news as well.

Take care


Hi Soos, your post made me smile, its lovely to hear good news, thankyou for sharing it.


Great news nice to hear some positive feedback


Yeh! Nice to read a good news story for a change. Really pleased for you. If only the NHS could arrange sabaticals in a foreign sunny climate :-)


well, I have been asking for a prescription for 6 wks All-inclisive in the Maldives form my GP & consultant, but, surprise, surprise haven't got anywhere ;) !!


Great news... your obviously doing something right so keep up the good work




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