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Covid vaccine


Good morning my lovelies 🌺 I know that this has been asked before but if it has been answered and I have missed it I apologise for the repetiveness!

I have got PBC as many of you lovely people do, also autoimmune desease! I am not sure If it is safe for us to have the covid vaccine! As I understand the vaccine boosts your immune system! If this is the case then surely by having it we are inviting our immune system to attack our organs/organ even stronger/ faster ie reaching serrossis of the Liver even quicker! Am I correct in thinking this?

Hope to hear from someone soon regarding this issue,

Take care my friends,


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Hi Sallam

I have pbc/aih overlap and take immune suppressants and everything I have read including the link that was posted on here the other day ,states that we are advised to get the vaccine .

Angela x

Cherry69 in reply to Angel46

Hi angel I have pbc/aih overlap and take immune suppressants I am getting my vaccination on Friday thank you that has reassured me also I spoke to my consultant today and he said the sooner the better but thank you for reassuring me

Angel46 in reply to Cherry69

That’s great news 🥳. Scotland are running behind England, I will be glad to get mine . All the best for Friday x

Actually just received text message from Scottish government telling me I should have had first dose of the vaccine by mid February, whoooohooo 😁

exy21 in reply to Angel46

Me too! 👏👏👏

Hi I have had a liver transplant due to PBC so I am on immunosuppressants for the rest of my life so I too was worried about it boosting my immune system & then in turn making it attack my new graft but we have all been advised to have it . It will work just like the flu or pneumonia jab in the respect that yes it will boost the immune system but only to recognise the covid virus & fight that ... not boost it for anything else . I am expecting my 1st jab in the next couple of wks & I won't hesitate to have it ... like any vaccination side affects may occur but which I personally am expecting to have I do with the flu vaccine but at the end of the day that's a small price to pay compared to getting covid that could & maybe would kill me . All my advice has come from top PBC & liver transplant consultants/surgeons they saved my life once so I more than trust them to save my life now & I owe it to my donor to protect his amazing gift to me . I hope that helps .

Best Wishes & stay safe .

I got the first dose this week. My Dr strongly advised me to take it. I live in Israel so she was surprised I didn't get it earlier. I feel very secure, I'm much more afraid from the virus... Anyway it went fine, except from a sore arm for 24 hours I feel good as usual

Hi there , hope you are well . I suffer from PBC also and I am now six weeks post Covid vaccine with no side effects. Due to get my second dose mid February. Good luck x

I am a liver transplant recipient following PBC and it Is totally safe for us to have Take care

Hi there,

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but don’t think it boosts the immune system but gets it to make antibiotics to fight the covid virus.

My thoughts also. I might take the Pfizer but I’m following the Johnson & Johnson trials.

I had mine early Jan, 2nd one due early March. Slightly tender arm but no other problem.

Like with any new treatment or med one must always do a risk assessment. I am a RN with PBC weighing the same choices you are. Anytime you poke the “bear,” which in this case is our PBC, there is a chance we will get a mild inflammatory response. But we really don’t have much of a choice here unless you want to shelter in place for a long , long time. I heard an ER physician make a very astute remark that pretty much sums it up: “I’d rather take my chances with the vaccine than take my chances with COVID. I concur. Which is why I am signed up to get the vaccine in a few weeks. Good luck to all of you. I am sure we are all eager to return to some normalcy.

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