Just wondering how many of us have had our tonsils removed.

I was reading an article about tonsillitis as my daughter has it at the moment. It said that the tonsils were bigger the younger you were and shrunk as your immune system built up the older you got.

I had mine removed as a child. That got me thinking if that might have anything to do with getting auto immune conditions.

So do you still have yours? 

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  • Yes I have wondered this too.  Had mine removed at age 7 . 

  • I have never had my tonsil removed.  In fact never had any trouble with sore throats growing up and can't say I have as an adult either.  (I did get tonsillitis back in 1999 but that is all.)

  • Yes I had mine removed when I was 11, This thought had crossed my mind too. So did living with long term stress with the body being in a heightened state for years who knows what that can do. 

  • I still have mine they wouldn't remove them. Even though I suffered tonsilitis all through my teenage years. And a few times as a adult. I've just got over it now. 2 weeks it took to go without antibiotics then no longer prescribe them for this condition 😏

  • Yes still have mine.  Had lots of tonsillitis as a child and although that was a time when having them removed was prevalent I never had mine out.

  • I had tonsillitis all my young life and finally had them removed when I was 17 yrs old. Was diagnosed with PBC 6 yrs ago aged 53. I wondered if there was any connection with Scarlet Fever and PBC as I had that twice as a child.

  • I still have mine with no problems other than an occasional sore throat.

  • Thank you for your replies. As some have had tonsils removed and some haven't I don't think there can be any connection. 

  • I still have my tonsils.  Tonsils are just big lymph nodes.  You've got lymph nodes through out your body.  Even if tonsils are removed, you've got the rest of your lymphatic system to grow your immune system.  I think its OK.

  • I still have mine

  • Still have mine

  • Still have mine

  • i was 19 when i had mine removed

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