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Hi everyone

I hope you are having a good day today. I was diagnosed with pbc in early July and I am currently adjusting to taking Urso. I have an appointment with my Gp tomorrow. The surgery have written to me about having a flu jab. I am intending to discuss this tomorrow. Has anyone had the flu jab? Or does anyone have any thoughts on it? I am a bit concerned about how my body might react, as my immune system is acting a bit rogue. I do not want to create further problems for myself if I can help it. i would love to hear your thoughts on this ahead of my discussion with Gp.

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  • I have had the flu jab every year since it became available. My consultants take on it is that there is more damage to your system fighting flu than having the jab. I went with this and have had no problems. It is a personal decision.

  • Hello Oidra.

    Your posting just beat mine. I remember this topic from past. As you probably know and as you state, personal decision and currently I do not have it and won't be uptaking for the first time this season.

    I do have another theory on vaccines but I don't know for certain whether it be right nor wrong or partially right but a case of the immune system is very complex.

  • Hi Oidra

    Thanks for you quick response to my post and sharing your experience of having the flu jab.

  • Hello jemlola.

    I can only express my opinion here. I was diagnosed with PBC December 2010. Prior to early 2010 when I started itching, I'd not been to the GP in some years and not had a prescription since 1999. I was 46 at diagnosis.

    As soon as I was diagnosed the invite came via letter for a flu jab in 2011. I declined. I did this due to the fact that over the course of my adult life I'd never suffered from colds and even as a child hadn't really had anything like that. I just felt for myself that I might be opening a 'can of worms' and that I didn't and still don't want to do.

    I have worked with retired ladies in the past and from their experiences of the flu jab when it became the norm annually some used to say they felt so unwell several days later, some never had any after-effects but it got me thinking even then and I'd not got PBC. One lady has never had a flu jab since a few years after she started having at GP surgery as she said she suffered badly it put her off altogether.

    At the end of the day it is entirely your own choice as to whether you have it or not. For many years after having my children I've wondered about all these vaccines. Not saying that they are a bad thing but I think they can be in some cases. My own daughter missed the MMR when it originally came out for use as she had the measles vaccine only. When her younger brother had the MMR it was offered and the following week she had a very bad reaction she ended up having to visit the casualty dept of the local hospital. No-one said at the time it was the MMR and possible adverse effects were not mentioned (as they never seem to be for patients who go in to surgery for vaccines as the nurse/GP has all the packaging) but I found out years later that what she had was one of the adverse reactions. She was fine weeks later but it was scary at the time. My son never experienced any after-effects.

    I think going in to surgery to discuss the vaccine is ideal but at the same time a doctor has to offer it certain patients (in the case of flu) and from experience with my children, it seems that they are more in favour of uptake than not. You will find there are others on this site who do have the flu vaccine with PBC and who will say you should but only you can decide.

  • Hello Peridot

    Thank you for your response. I am undecided about this. I am on sick leave at the minute, but I am intending to return fairly soon. The enviroment I work in probably leaves me open to catching lots of infections. Which now I know that my immune system is impaired makes me think it might be sensible to try to prevent the risk.

    However I do struggle with the idea of introducing something else for my body to cope with. I am not great with taking medication and although getting more used to Urso have found the idea of taking medication for the rest of my life quite difficult.

    I have managed to book in with a Gp who is usually quite good. So I guess I can have a full discussion witb her tomorrow and I don't need to make a descision there and then.

    As always thank you for your thoughts.

  • Short answer - yes, do have the jab. All the medical opinion I have come across says the same. People with PBC are no more likely to get side-effects than non sufferers. I have had the jab every year for over a decade, have had no adverse reaction, and seem to have fewer colds than before. Win/win!

  • Hello Rosehip19

    Thanks for responding to my post and sharing your experience of having the flu jab.

  • I have the flu jab every year and have had a one off pneumonia vaccine with no problems.

  • Hi nomorepies

    Thanks for your response.

  • I have the flu jab every year with no problems. You are also entitled to the pneumonia jab if you live in the UK. This is a one off jab.

  • Gioielli

    Thanks for your reply.

  • It's a personal decision, but I have the flu jab and no reaction from it and would not miss having it done.

    I do remember having really bad flu many years ago before I was offered the jab or dx with PBC and the strain my body was under at the time made me decide to have it without question.

  • I too have a flu jab every year and I have not had any ill effects

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