Thanks to everyone

I posted for the first time yesterday and this morning when I turned on my computer, I saw that I had 15 emails. My initial reaction was alarm - what happened?   Then I saw that most of the emails were from people on this message board. I'm so happy to have found this.   17 years ago when I first got a computer, I found a message board similar to this of women who were facing,undergoing and recovering from hysterectomies. The warmth and helpful suggestions and anonymous friendships that I developed through that board were life-changing for me. This PBC board has the same feeling - people just going through it, sharing what they've learned and experienced and encouraging fellow sufferers.  I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on you all. Thanks for all of your thoughtful answers. 

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  • Yes I found that too.  Encouragement and support was offered in a very short time. It's  very daunting when you are first diagnosed. GP''s are not usually very knowledgeable about PBC as I have found out so this is a possitve way to get information.

    Thank you to everyone also.

  • Hi littysgirl.Welcome. Yes we feel like family. Nobody else understands our condition

  • Sometimes you just need a place to go where people truly understand what you are going through. 

  • Welcome to this amazing community.. also there are some fb groups too..

  • Welcome!

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