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Urso - (whether to take four tablets a day a night or not)

I would like to thank everybody so much for their responses to my question regarding whether or not to take Urso in two split doses or all four at night time.

I have been very exhausted over the past few days and I had not looked at my computer and when I did today and saw that I had so many replies I was so heartened.

Nobody understands like you lovely people – thank goodness for you. Lots of love x

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Hello MoPo.

After reading some of the replies to your question, I decided to actually 'experiment' myself and for a few days I took the 2 tablets I take daily at morning instead of one morning, one with evening meal.

Well for me this wouldn't work as I started to itch badly later in the morning which I do not normally do and it continued through the evening and also through the night ceasing again around 5a.m. the following day. I normally start itching around 11p.m. and then by 5a.m. it's vanished.

I found this interesting experimenting BUT I now feel that at the same time as perhaps attempting to combat the itch, urso does actually also cause it, for me anyway.

I feel for myself the best way to take is either 2 a day as in morning and evening dose or as I have done also before, half a tablet with breakfast, half with lunch and then the last whole tablet with evening meal. For me all in one dose isn't going to make me feel better itchwise at all.

Also I noted on my recent box the label, it just states that I should take 2 per day with food.

Hope this has helped further.


I take 500mg in the morning and then 500mg at night.


I take 250 in morning and 500 at night seems to work for me !

Haven't even thought about changing things around.

I have 2 at night with my main meal because my thinking is that's when you have the most bile and it counter balances everything :)


Hi ladies,

Oops I take 8x 250mg (2000mg) at night all in one go!!! I know it can interfere with absorbs ion of some tablets, ESP warfarin. I take all my other Pbc AIH meds in the morning! It works for me


I take 4 with my evening meal and seems to work fine for me. Consultant said take all at once but the pharmacist said 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening!


I kept forgetting to take mine as was told to take 3 per day, at regular intervals, saw Professor Neuberg at QEHB on Monday and he said I could take as many as I liked when I liked, all in one go if I wanted!!


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