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Morning all this post is not PBC related hope you don't mind...i had a hysterectomy 2yrs ago , than i caught my finger in a car door the

hospital gave me antibiotics which gave me thrush than at the end of the course i started to bleed i panicked as id had the hysterectomy...the hospital gave me more antibiotics to treat the infection at the end of that course i bleed again only this time my water sample came back with no infection although i had quite a lot of blood in my urine since than i had a camera to check my bladder which looked ok he took a couple of biops to be sure waiting results for that he aso has orderded a ct scan to check my kidneys and utres on the 28th of this month...ive been having pain round the bottom of my back and in my side , ive frightened my self silly any idears as to what could be wrong??? x x

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Just a thought but it sounds like a kidney stone. Not to sure about the bleeding though but that explains the pain location and the blood in the urine.


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