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G’morning! I’m just curious about which antibiotics any of you have taken for upper respiratory. I’m still trying to get rid of what I’ve had. I don’t feel bad, just still have head & little chest congestion. My Internist wanted me to take broad spectrum Levaquin, low dose 1 x day. I already knew the serious dangers of that class of drugs. So I have refused it. I had the opportunity to talk with my husbands cousin Saturday at a family gathering who is an ER Dr. He said that drug has had many problems & is still being over prescribed. Advised me against taking it & said there are better options out there. He mentioned Doxycycline as being a better option. I understand they all pose a risk as they filter through the liver. What have any of you been prescribed with no adverse effects?

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Check with your hepatologist

Actually hep isn’t here yet. GI’s NP explained, which we all know, any can carry risks. She said most of us should be able to tolerate antibiotics with no problems and if a person has a reaction to a drug, that’s when you can get concerned about drug induced liver injury. I’m going to sit down with my Internist tomorrow afternoon if I can get appt. it’s more effective when you’re 👀 to 👀 😊

I took antibiotics twice this year; once for a cold/cough & once for UTI. My primary care doctor who I selected based on my hepatologist’s recommendation when I was looking for a new primary doctor, said statins were harder on the liver than the antibiotics. Also usually you are not on antibiotics for an extended period. The doctor did recommend taking probiotics to offset negative effects of taking antibiotics. With the probiotics you have to take it a few hours away from taking the antibiotics; otherwise effects of probiotics are rendered useless. concern isn’t so much about taking an antibiotic but Levaquin is very dangerous. There have been many lawsuits because of its debilitating damages to people. I actually took it 2 yrs ago after 2 rounds of zpack didn’t work and it zapped it & I was fine. But I didn’t know then what I know now. I just know autoimmune sucks when you’re trying to get rid of stuff like this. I’ve been with my Internist many years & trust him...but not on this drug. 😊. Even my pharmacist felt there might be better option. Who knows better than them😉

Too bad you can’t check with hepatologist until he actually becomes your doctor. That would ease your concerns easily.’re so right. He doesn’t know who I am just yet. I’m sooo ready for him. I’ll just have to try & trust the powers over me for now. 🙏🏻🦋

Hi, I checked with my hepatologist regarding which antibiotics she prefers her PBC patients (like me) to have prescribed by other doctors. She told me Keflex was what she preferred I take if needing an antibiotic. Or Bactrim , but neither for long term use. (I had a condition that is sometimes treated with 3 months on a low dose of antibiotic!) She agreed with me that the Fluoroquinolone family of drugs, (Cipro and Levaquin, etc.) were not on her list of good choices for me. Thankfully, I avoided the long term dose of meds.

Firefly33...I had always been able to take keflex until 2 years ago then had allergic reaction. It’s a very good drug but now off my list. Thank you.

Hi, I have just had a course of Amoxicillin 500mg for a chest infection which I have had prescribed on several occasions, now today I have been prescribed Nitrofurantoin for UTI 50mg problem. Not sure how they compare to world wide brands though. As stated previously Statins seem to be the worry drugs as they are long term, whereas antibiotics are short term.

gwillistexas in reply to Biddyb

Biddyb...I’ve never been able to take cillins. I’m difficult to treat. Lots of drug allergies. As far as statins, I wish I didn’t need to take them but leading hepatologist now says they’re proven not so damaging as once thought. Thanks!

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