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IM injections


So I definitely feel better after my IM injection at my doctors surgery. So I’m going to be learning how to IM. I had been doing subcut injections but I started to feel ill again so it either must be the brand of B12 I’m using or the delivery method. Hopefully my supply isn’t spoiled. Bit nervous about learning IM. Any tips or good videos/resources?

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Hi EmilyCJ have a look at the posts alongside on the right of your question.

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I’m on a phone so I can’t see them I don’t think but I’ll try using the search function :)

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they may be down the bottom on a phone.

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Thanks :)

My main tip would be to inject oh so slowly. You’ll find that way it’s more painless than when given by the nurse. Occasionally I find it hurts, if this happens it’s likely to be my thigh and I’m hitting a blood vessel. If that happens I start again with a new needle (same B12) a few millimetres away.

I rotate injection sites, left side then right side, arm then thigh.

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