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Confused about megabolostic anaemia

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My hb is 13. my folate 9 . Potassium and magnesium in range.

If my Hb is normal does that mean I do not have megoblastic anaemia? My vit D is 60 I had more bloods done on Monday and having g ferritin leveks folate and full blood count as some were out of range. White blood count up a bit and infkamarory marker. So will see. I take a multi vit every other day . Vit D vit c folate 400ug and zeaxanthin and Lutein daily. I've stopped b12 spray and tablets as now on injections.

My intrinsic factor and caeliac negative. So is it possible to only have b12 defiency with neurological symptoms? My diet is good and I eat meat. Still a mystery how I've got so ill. First ever b12 serum blood test 106.

Does anyone know the answer about megoblastic aneamia please. Also if I'm on track with taking the right things?

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Megaloblastic Anaemia is a type of Macrocytic Anaemia. Macrocytic means 'large cells'. The best way of determining if you have macrocytic anaemia is for them to measure the size of your res cells.

This will be listed in your results as MCV (stands for Mean Cell Volume). If this is above 100 fL then you have large red cells and macrocytic anaemia.

Iron deficiency anaemia causes microcytic (small cell) anaemia. If you have both you can have a mix of large and small cells. That can result in a normal mean (average) cell volume. But if that is the case then your RDW (red cell distribution width) will also be high (above 14.5%).

Not everybody with a B12 deficiency will have macrocytic anaemia.

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Nackapan in reply to fbirder

Okay thank you . I get my blood results next week. So I will look at mcv level.

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