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Can you help me help myself? test results included

After 15 months off sick, I am going back to work on Friday on a phased return. I want to be as well as I can get myself, so would like some advice as my ferritin levels seem to have taken a nosedive recently. I am taking multivitamins and minerals, extra folic acid, vitamin D and Risedronate (osteoporosis of spine) and self-injecting B12 every other day (+ one every 2 months at GPs).

serum ferritin [13-150] 46.3 48.9 62.1 (after 3 mth course) 66.2 36.1 (6/12/17)

serum folate [3.9-26.8] 5.5 6.8 6.6 >20 (after 3 mth course) not tested recently

*MMA [0-280] 351 364 351(pre B12) - 393 (after B12) 308 not tested recently

serum free T4 [12 -22] 14.1 13.1 (6/12/17)

serum TSH [0.4 - 5.5] 1.53 2.32 (6/12/17)

* My high MMA levels were originally diagnosed and confirmed as being due to Functional B12 deficiency, now breath test has revealed either SIBO or "fast transit" problem (SIBO can cause raised MMA/ fast transit likely to leave me short of vitamins).

Improvements evident after B12 frequency upped, but erratic with blips in progress.

Any advice welcome. I'm currently seeing gastroenterologist who is arranging investigative tests, awaiting saliva gland/ duct procedure, awaiting appointment letter from metabolics consultant but this is all going to take a long time and it's already been 3 years...... what can I do in the meantime to help myself function at work and home ?

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Just my opinion...Probiotics, zinc, berberine, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil pills. All possibly help with digestion.

Does it seem like you can never get your tongue completely clean even with a tongue scrapper?


Yes, because I have saliva gland infection and saliva ducts like sausage-links so have to have them widened with a balloon. Had one side done in 2014 and need the other side done now. it got to the stage where if really hungry, face went "hamster" on me soon as I looked at the menu !


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