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Blood test results advice needed!

Hello All

My name is Michelle and I am hoping someone can help me I have been having symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, headaches, forgetfulness!! and just low energy and low mood. I had a blood test and here are some of my results. The Dr told me to take ferrous sulphate twice a day and they prescribed me with Vit D which I was to take every day for a fortnight then once a month for 6. This was test was in May and I am not feeling any better really. Dr said everything else is fine and I'll be feeling good by end of summer 😕I'm getting confused about my b12 and folate as some info on the web suggests these are low? Any help would be much appreciated there are so many supplements I get confused!

Calcium 2.18 mmol/L (2.20-260)

Ferritin 8 ug/L (10-291)

Folate 8.9 ug/L (>5.4)

Red Cell Count 4.63 10 12/L (3.80-5.80)

Haemoglobin 125 g/L (118-148)

TSH 1.60

B12 373 ng/L (181-910)

Vitamin D 58 nmol/L (75-150)

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No, your B12 isn't low.

Your symptoms could be caused by many things. Have you had a full thyroid screen and an HbA1c?


I don't think so all the report has is TSH result. Thanks for your reply, the reason I mentioned b12 is because some info on here say it should be 500 thanks for clearing that


Your GP said you'd feel better by now - but you don't. When are you seeing him again. Your low Ferritin indicated iron deficiency Anemia didn't it? Did your GP do a full iron panel and give you iron infusions first? What dose of Vitamin D are you on? Should you be taking Vitamin D daily?

I am not medically qualified but if this were me then I would go back to GP for up to date bloods asap and would want to have reason for Anemia investigated. Do you eat well?



Hi Michelle,

It takes a long time for ferritin to come back to normal levels. Especially if it is as low as your was. Personally I was on 20 and it has taken me over a year to get back to normal levels. Also, the doctor's guidelines aren't always correct. For example, even though my ferritin came back to 70 the doctor said that although I was in range to keep taking them till I'm around 80. I'm still on my ferrous sulphate tablets and have now been told to continue on one a day as the level is now up to 110.

Your Folate seems slightly over, maybe you eat a lot of spinach or green leafy salads. I wouldn't worry too much about this. But your vitamin D seems slightly under the range. All other minerals seem fine.

I wasn't sure if these are your original results or these are your results when you've already started to take your vitamin d and ferrous sulphate after a few months? But you should have been asked to go back 3 months a time to see what your results are like after taking them.


Do you feel better in your self now your ferritin has gone up? These are my original results. I had my ferritin checked again last week so waiting for results. I'm on I think 20,000 vit D on one a month I think I have 3 left x


I found Gambit62's reply here healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po... useful in helping understand the 500 level Japan story. If I were you I'd wait and see what the doctor suggests next once your ferritin tests come back, but if I've understood what I've read on here correctly then it's still possible you have a B12 deficiency even though your blood test showed your B12 isn't out of the range considered normal in this country (I think the numbers in brackets in your test results show the normal range expected for each test.)

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I had a number of low results but only vitamin d was under the low end of the scale, and so that was the only thing I was actually treated for initially. They refused to retest me until the 6 month mark but also only prescribed me 8 weeks worth of vitamin D. I was also told I should feel better after 2 months. I did loads of research and took the decision to self supplement 5,000 iu per day and also supplement with K2 and magnesium to boost my vitamin d. I also took ferrous sulphate and B12 to try to boost them up the scales in a bid to get some energy back. When I got retested my vitamin D was much, much better but I still felt awful.

I managed to get to see a doctor at my surgery who focussed on chronic fatigue syndrome (which is what all the other doctors I'd seen over the previous 6 months had advised I had). Between us we eventually worked out that I had very little stomach acid, which was stopping me digesting any of the food I was eating. Surprisingly I wasn't losing weight, but I wasn't doing anything. I was mostly sofa bound for 7 months, eating more than I would normally, but not putting the pounds on either. Once I started treating the acid levels, my energy levels came back within a few short weeks. Of course I'm not saying that you have the same thing, but it may not be as simple as your levels of certain tests being low.

I'd recommend taking a look at Dr Myhill's website to see if anything can help you. There's a lot of information on it so I had to take it a few pages at a time, but it helped to learn more about how I was feeling. I also found the vitamin d council website was helpful to me. And the baking soda test was what I did to check my stomach acid levels.

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