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Understanding blood test results!


I am 21 years old , and I am constantly tired which isnt like me. I struggle to stay awake, headaches all the time, dizzy, heart palputations and constantly feeling run down. I feel awful.

So doctor sent me for some blood tests. They told me that my vitamin d is low and everything else is fine. Im feeling dissapointed as I was hoping they would find something so I can finally feel better!

So I decided to buy my blood test results. Looking at my folate it says it is normal but the reading says 4.2 ug/L and online it says it is low.

I just want to feel better. Is that a low reading for folate?


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The lowest on the reading says 2.6. So its higher then that... and honestly not really. Im a busy working mum so it is probably my own fault. I dont have seeds or nuts at all in my diet anymore! Thankyou


were you given anything for the Vit D deficiency - the symptoms do overlap with those of folate and B12 deficiency so it may be that it really is vit D deficiency that is causing your problems.

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No... The doctor told me to buy vitamin d tablets, Im not even sure what strength so I brought vitamin d3 1000. Im not entirely sure if that is correct or not!


speak to the pharmacist


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