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Buying online question


Hi there.

I'm looking to buy B12 online, but the usual place Goldpharma requires a bank deposit before they ship out the vials. It takes my bank forever to do this, then you need to wait for the shipment from Germany.

Is there somewhere where I can order and not faff around waiting for funds to clear. Would prefer a site that accepts a debit card or Paypal.


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I use ,a German online pharmacy . They sell 1ml X1mg and also 2ml x1 mg B12 ampoules . You can pay them with debit or credit card and also PayPal . You have to register with them for your first purchase . Just google " in English " yes - all that, and you get straight through to the site in English . Search for vitamin B12 . When you chose ( it's cheapest to buy 100 ampoules they have a good sell by date ) , make a note of the PZN reference number , then next time you order put it into the search box and you go straight to that product . I've used them for 2 years - very reliable .

Thanks Wedgewood for the reply.

I'm not sure which item is the injectable methylcobalamin on the search results page:

I don't want to end up purchasing tablets! :(

You cannot buy Methylcobalamin from But neither can you from goldpharma . You must have been buying Hydroxocobalamin , which is what is used by the NHS. You can get Methyl ampoules from Intravita in UK at great expense . They are the sole agents for the German manufacturing chemists called Arnika. You can only obtain direct from Arnika if you are an old customer . If you want Hydroxocobalamin , enlarge the package , and make sure you are ordering Hydroxocobalamin , because they also sell Cynocobalamin , which is cheaper . Hope this helps .

ACritical in reply to wedgewood

So do I, I buy box of 30 ampoules from them paying with PayPal. Good sell-by-dates without refrigeration. Fits through the letterbox.

Try searching for vitamin B12 acetat - if you want Hydroxocobalamin

If you type in the following references on the" in English" , you will be taken straight to Hydroxocobamalin ampoules

For 1ml x 1mg ampoules

PZN 3862305 for 100

PZN 3862297 for 10

For 1mg x2ml ampoules

PZN 6078380. for 100

PZN 6078374 for 50

PZN 6078368 for 10

PZN 6078351 for 5

These are all Hydroxocobalamin which is what I believe you need .

Really appreciate the items you put up.

Will order them now, and hopefully be up and running again!

I buy my ampoules from Goldpharma and pay with a UK debit card. Never had a problem.

It does seem that a lot of people use, but when I tried to buy from them, all my payment methods were rejected.

I have to correct my previous reply.

I have just ordered 100 Hydroxo from versandapo, and the payment went through fine this time!

A lot cheaper than Goldpharma also!

Glad it worked out ok! I'll take a look at their site later on. Wedgewood was kind enough to list the product codes for ordering.

Use this

The site is then in English.

To search for the product, just type the PZN number ONLY, that Wedgwood has very kindly provided, in the search box on the site.

Ordering is very easy and straightforward.

kimm5201 in reply to patez

I tried ordering with versandapo but they don't mail to USA. Do you know of another one?

patez in reply to kimm5201

Sorry, but I do not know any others. You could try Goldpharma?

There are a few other members on here from the USA, so they may be able to chip in?

kimm5201 in reply to patez

Thank you, I'll look at Goldpharma

I ordered from Goldpharma. Has anyone ordered from them before?

patez in reply to kimm5201

Yes. As stated, I have ordered from Goldpharma before, and I received the order with no problems at all.

kimm5201 in reply to patez

Thank you patez 😊🤗

I received my B12 today!! That was very quick :)

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