B12 Injections (Buying online) Oil based ???


I normally self inject with B12 injections in UK which are water based. I read on here yesterday someone saying that the injections which they buy online are in oil suspension rather than water based like here in UK.

I need B12 which is water based. I assumed all B12 was water based and had never heard of oil based until yesterday. Can I buy water based online ??

Are the injections you buy online from Versandapo (which is the only place I know to buy from online) water based or oil based (In oil suspension) ??

Has anyone purchased B12 injections online which are water based ?

Thank you to all on this site as you've been very supportive and helpful.

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  • I buy from versandapo.de and I haven't ever seen any oil based B12 for sale on there.... but saying that, I haven't been looking for it!

    If you go onto their site you can click on a Union Jack icon which translates everything into English so you can see what the ampoules have in them.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks

    I've been on there once and took a quick look a while back. I will take another look. Thankyou.

  • I get mine from Amazon in Germany and they're water based. If you're a member of the FB group 'pernicious anaemia/B12 deficiency', theres a link on their files page which will take you direct to the B12 product.......

  • What if you're not a member, do you have a link for the product. Do you know if you can buy from Uk?


  • images-na.ssl-images-amazon...

    I've always brought these from amazon Germany and have had no problem buying from the UK...

  • People have asked on here about being able to get oil-based B12 for injection with no success. Everything is water based.

    Can you linkto the oil suspension post?

  • It was some research reported here a while back - think Danish?

    Sounded very promising but definitely not widely available (if at all outside the trial).

  • Yup. It was a presentation at the PAS conference last year. It showed that an oil suspension was absorbed much more slowly than an aqueous solution. Slow enough so that you could keep levels hig with less frequent injections.

    The same person mentioned that they were planning on mixing hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin in a custom blend, for people who respond differently to the two types.

    I did some looking afterwards and it didn't seem to be that promising (difficulty with pain at the injection site, IIRC).

  • Can I ask where you buy from and is it water based Hydroxocobalamin?

  • It was me Ryaan - in answer to Hayley's post:

    " Dr Willemina Rietsema, in the Q & A at the end of her PAS conference video, explains about 'Vitamin B12 Depot - 'Depot' meaning it's suspended in oil so that the B12 spreads out more slowly through the muscle and, apparently, is more effective than water based B12.

    She also said there are oil tablets and it's a good idea to use both injections and tablets."

    I would think that if the brand doesnt mention depot, it is water based?

  • I've seen Depot on Versandapo.de but I don't know if that is oil based. I can't remember if it said depo or depot.

    Not sure, I'll have to take another look.


  • I've checked on Versandapo.de site, it says depot on their B12 injections but they're not oil based, they're water based.

    I sent them an email to ask just to make sure. They said they're water based. (sorry I refer to them as water based as I don't know what's the correct term). I think its aqueous.

  • I'm completely puzzled by all of this Ryaan, as this is the definition I found :

    "Depot injection

    An intramuscular injection of a drug in an oil suspension that results in a gradual release of the medication over several days.

    Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 9th edition. © 2009, Elsevier"

  • Ryaan Yes, the stuff from Versand is dissolved in water. Yes, it is described as 'depot'. All 'depot' means is an injection that does not go directly into the blood. It doesn't have to be oil-based.

    I buy Rotexmedica 1000ug in 1ml water hydroxocobalamin.

    I get 100 ampoules at a time because it's cheaper per ampoule and the postage is the same for 10 or 100 ampoules.

  • Interesting, I'v never come across oil based B12 injection. To your question VitaminB12Direct provides a water based b12 suspension and they ship to addresses in Europe if you have an address in continental Europe. Hope that is of use to you.

  • Thanks

    Looks like USA site with products from Thailand.

    I don't know if Thailand products are properly regulated/licensed and whether or not I should use them if needed.

  • I wouldn't trust it either, not when you can get it from a proper pharmacy. Versand Apothek have been in business for more than a century.

  • Fair enough, you have to stay in your comfort zone with these sorts of things for sure. To it's credit B12Direct does work exclusively with GMP certified facilities and tests product batches for safety at an independant lab in Canada for safety and potency. Sincere thank you for the heads up on this German outfit, that is interesting, I'll check out their prices, sizes and there protocols.

  • Thankyou 👍

  • "Depot Injection

    An intramuscular injection of a drug that gives a slow, steady release of its active chemicals into the bloodstream. Release of the drug is slowed by the inclusion of substances such as oil or wax."



    These are preparations which are administered once with doses that is designed to be released at programmed release for a desired period of time.Usually they are administered as implants, they may be formulated with biodegradable or non biodegradable polymers. Dr.T.E.G.K.Murthy




    Bapatla College of Pharmacy, "


  • You're right, in theory that's what it means but oddly for B12 depot just means an injection which doesn't go straight in to your blood like Fbirder explained.

    The term Depot is mostly used for injections given to people with psychological/mental illnesses. That's what google told me and Google likes scaring people.

    He should be sent to prison. Lol

  • Hi Ryaan. Just wondering - if not oil, what is it in Depot injection that gives slower release into the blood - polymers?

  • The B12 is not slow release because it's in water based solution. If you find it in oil based solution then it would be slow release and you would have to inject less frequently. The depots you're on about is the ones given to people with mental health issues, those are slow release oil based not B12.

    I think water based is better because your body gets rid of what you don't need through urination, that's why you sometimes have a change of colour in urine (greenish) and I think you would have more side effects from oil based as it's much harder for your body to get rid of the excess.

    It will be like injecting steroids. I think that's why steroid users (body builders) have bad acne on face and back so there is a plus side to water based, and it's much safer.

    When I started injecting B12 I did get quite a bit of acne on forehead but I think the body is now used to it and might sometimes get the odd spot or 2 but nothing compared to the painful bumpy horrible spots I first got for few months.

    My wife stopped injecting because of horrible facial acne but I chose to continue as my symptoms were far worse and I couldn't carry on with normal day to day activities and chose to live with spots father than those horrible symptoms, I became almost totally inactive and kind of bed ridden. I know have to deal with the fatigue but back to almost normal life.

    My symptoms were a long endless list and now only a few.

    My vision became quite bad and couldn't even drive at night or in sun with low B12 but after injections I went back to my optician 4 yrs after my last test and I never wore glasses and my vision was much better, my optician was surprised.

    Horrible thing B12 deficiency.

    When I was first prescribed B12 I had never heard of it. My first thought was what good is B12 going to do !, but after a few months there was a huge improvement.

    If you tell anyone you have B12 problems they kind of shrug it off but it's a silent and slow killer.

    Sorry about the long reply. I hope things work out for you and if your GP doesn't do much like most I suggest you self inject once a week for about 12 weeks it will kind of give you an idea of how much it will help you as some symptoms are irreversible.

    What helped me most is B12, Folic Acid, vitamin D but I think I'm low on Iron hence the fatigu. I'm going to have a blood test and see where my iron is at.

    These 4 things I learnt are life changers and should always be maintained, they're crucial for your health, they can make you terribly ill as I have learnt (the hard way).

  • It is not the medium but the route that makes it a depot? Any IM (or SC) injection will be slow release compared to a non-depot injection straight into a vein.

  • I am aware of that FB - not what we were discussing - suggest you refer back to Dr Reitsema's video

  • I don't need to see the video, I was there.

    A depot administration does not have to be in oil.

    This is what you asked:

    "- if not oil, what is it in Depot injection that gives slower release into the blood "

    And the answer is "it is not the medium but the route." An IM administration is slow release - in comparison to an intravenous administration.

  • I don't need you to keep repeating so condescendingly - AS I've already said - I know that IM releases more slowly !

    I also suggest you read the rules of the forum and monitor your responses accordingly.

  • A polite notice -

    I think fb answered your question

    I don't think anyone should feel more superior,We're just sharing knowledge to help each other.

    Take what you think is good and leave the rest.


  • Polite reply Ryaan - Not sure what you mean exactly

    "Take what you think is good and leave the rest."

    should be addressed to him 🙂

  • No, sorry I wasn't addressing you. It was general to everyone

    I'm quite new so I don't know how this works.

    Hope you don't mind.


  • That's OK - 🙂

  • Vitaminb12online.com have all kinds of B12. I have been using them for sometime now and they have supplies too. I have never heard of oil based b12.

  • I don't think there is oil based. I don't think oil is good for your body, water body gets rid of easily.

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