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Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could tell me where I can order some b12 inj online that can be shipped to Australia. I have found a few sites eg. Trim nutrition, but they won't mail it here. I'm to the point now where I don't even care what kind. Hydroxocobalamin, cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin. I just really need some. My symptoms are returning and it is making my feel like I can't complete every day tasks. I feel like my doctor is treating me like a guinea pig, making me wait to take blood tests to see if I store my previous injections which I can feel that I am not.

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  • Hi

    I use

  • I thought that injectable B12 was available over the counter without prescription in Australia.

  • It is available as neo b12 or hydroxycobalamin in Australia. You can ask the chemist for it. They keep it behind the counter. It is in a 3. Pack of glass ampoules.

  • Nope. Prescription only and doctors need pbs approval by explaining the need for loading doses to prescribe more than one box of 3 at a time

  • No you don't need a script here in Australia.

  • You can just buy the hydroxocobalamin (Neo B12) at any Australian pharmacy.

  • Really? I'm a bit confused. I'm a nurse so I do my own injections. Pharmacies here don't even stock IM needles for me to buy when I filled my prescription.

  • I believe needles are difficult to get in australia, but I've bought hydroxo in Australia, Sidney, OTC, 3 years ago, many others have.

    There was an online pharmacy, but for me the link does not work now as in get blank page, this is what they replied to me back in 2009:

    Neo B12 is in boxes of 3 ampoules and is Aus$12.95. Postage depends on weight so it would be based on quantity purchased. Minimum weight

    is 250g and each box weighs about 18g. Air mail for upto 250g is Aus$14.65 or Aus$27.10 if you wish the parcel to be registered.

    Please note that Neo B12 has no restrictions here in Australia but the UK

    does list some Pharmaceuticals with restrictions as to importing. Please

    check with local Authorities as we don't give refunds for items seized by

    Customs Authorities.

  • I use this pharmacy in germany

    They sell in ampules Methylcobalamin 1mg and 5 mg per ml .

    And adenocobalamin 1 mg and 10 mg per ml

    They are in ampules life of 2 yrs and heat range up to 25 degrees Celsius .

    Email them and ask if they ship to Australia

    They ain't the cheapest but are very good quality and they are a legit company .

  • I'm in Melbourne and have always purchased it over the counter without a script. I've also never come across a Dr that actually knows that! It was the chemist that told me... You might like to join the Aussie Facebook page for some local support. There was mention recently about a place that a few of the people on there use to purchase packs of 100 vials. I think it was in Germany? cost about $100 delivered.

  • Thanks Purple- uni,

    I think I found the FB group. I joined a group ages ago but they were all from the uk. Wasn't very helpful. Thanks for the support. I'll look into getting my own supply. I may need some advice on dosing frequencies. Btw I found needles and syringes on ebay. Is that where you get them?

  • I was buying my B12 ampules from Oz, it was the cost of shipping to the UK that put the price up which is why I now buy from Germany.

  • I buy my B12 OTC. You don't need a script.

    Syringes and needles are also easy to buy. I actually get mine online from a vet supply place... about $30.00 for 100 needles and syringes.

  • I bought some today over the counter. I was so surprised :) now I've just got to source some needles. Does anyone buy needles and syringes from ebay?

  • I just use diabetic needles. they are 13mm and 28gauge i think. My chemist sells me a bag of 10 for around $2. These are just for subcutaneous use though and won't go deep enough to get into the muscle. Some people find they need the longer needles for IM as they don't feel the benefits from only injecting into the fatty layer. The main difference between the two options is that injecting into the muscle should absorb faster and into fat is slower. I still find i feel the benefit within hours or at least overnight.

  • Is there any place that does vials instead of ampules and that ships to the UK?

  • Saw your post, in my view offers reliable product and service. They independently test the product they get from suppliers to ensure potency and standards adherence and have a solid customer service policy. Looks like you don't have any issues in Australia but you might want to check them for price competitiveness nonetheless .

  • You can get it from I'm in the UK but I know a fellow B12 deficienter who uses them after my recommendation and they get them no problems.

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