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Miette photos

Miette photos

Really sorry no good at Tec I've taken more photos and copied my message hope this helps

This is what happened in May I went to the doctors. Because of a swollen painful neck. they took bloods and sent me for a scan It turned out to be a cyst and 3 small nodules ..the first bloods worried me so I persuaded then to do a second test as I'd been supplementing with Centrum over 50s multi vitamins and high dose vitamin d 1000mg for years and had stopped for the 2 weeks before my first blood tests. The second blood test showed a (rapid in the space of 4 weeks) triple increase in the blood results. The only thing I'd done or taken between the first and 2nd tests was cough syrup and vitamin c high dose 1000mg a few days before the second test as I have a bad viral infection. I haven't received any treatment or supplements other than those mentioned

First test

B12 152_ range 150-1000

Folate 7.8 range 2-18.80

Ferritin 31 range 12-250

Second test b12 452 range as above

Folate. 16.3

Ferritin. 91

Doctors don't know why and aren't interested in checking bloods again in a month or two. Hope you can see the pictures are I am a hashimoto patient and take 75mg of levothroxin daily

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other than the comment that the white blood cell counts could be raised because of the infection you mention I can't really add to my comment on your original post.


Thanks gambit62 I appreciate you're help



Taking Vitamin C might increase the amount of iron a person absorbs.

What's your diet like?

I did wonder if you ate lots of B12 rich foods between the two tests?

I am not medically trained.


Thanks for your reply sleepybunny no no diet changes and I think you're right that the vitamin c would of increased the iron levels but to cripple the value ?


Thank you sleepybunny i just found out it was you who noted and helped when I mistakenly and stupidly posted personal information


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