Just had Doc Appr with my 18yr old son. PA in the family!

Grrrrrr! On our 4th GP now. Son has Gastritis after having Endoscopy test in November 16. He's got symptoms such as sighs memory fog, bloated stomach. Been taking ranitidine and buscopan which helps his symptoms. Was told to use Fodmap diet, Gp now thinks it's ibs. I've asked Gp to do IF blood Test which will be done next week. GPC test was negative. Coeliac was negative. Last blood test results : FBC 141g/L ref range 135-175. Serum B12 174ng/L ref range 130-180. I discussed results on low side of satisfactory , but GP dismissive. She's now referred back to Gastro at Hospital. I also discussed MMA test, but GP can't offer that test. Feel like banging my head against a brick wall. Frustrated!!!! Any advice welcome .

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  • Hi SarahFerguson I would have thought the doctor would have known that ranitidine would reduce the level of acid in the stomach thereby hindering the absorption of Vitamin B12 thus leading to your son's "bumping along the bottom" level and his symptoms which should be treated despite what the test results were.

    Do you know whether his Folate level was tested?

  • If ranitidine is helping symptoms then that suggests the stomach problems are due to too much acid production, rather than too little. PA is much more likely to be associated with too little acid.

  • He's also buscopan!

  • Yes, buscopan is an anti-spasmodic. It will help stop the cramps in the gut no matter the cause so it doesn't help with a differential diagnosis.

    Ask the gastroenterologist for an MMA test. It's much more likely to be available at a hospital.

  • He's been referred back to Gastro at hospital-I had plans to ask for MMA test. He's also going for blood test this afternoon for IF.

  • I just find it amazing that even with family history of PA I'm having to fight GP's to listen to me.

  • Hasn't your son had the IFA test for PA ?( Intrinsic Factor Antibodies ) we know that it's unreliable but it's the best there is at the moment . I had all those symptoms , but wasn't offered any antacid preparations by the gastroenterologist( a professor) , who told me that PA patients have low or no stomach acid , which is one of the reasons for not being able to absorb vitamin B12. There is no NHS treatment ,so I had to find my own help in the shape of a probiotic called Symprove , which is horribly expensive , but worked wonders .It is actually recommended for IBS. I now make my own raw organic sauerkraut , which is equally effective . It's worth a try . Your son's B12 reading is really low . I unfortunately had to resort to self injections because the 3 monthly bog standard injections were not sufficient to keep symptoms at bay , and the doctor wouldn't budge on that. .

  • He's just had blood test this afternoon for IF - waiting to see what result is.

  • Wedgewood how do you make the sauerkraut / can you use the supermarket brand?

  • No , Sarah Feguson, don't use the supermarket versions , because first of all they have been pasteurised , which actually kills off some of the valuable probiotics . Secondly , the cabbage should be organic ,as pesticides etc have a bad effect on the probiotics . If you don't want to make it yourself( recipes on the Internet for RAW ORGANIC SAUERKRAUT ) you can get it at health food shops . I make a really delicious one with red cabbage ( white is the traditional one) and chopped onion. You can also buy it online (Amazon ) Do not heat it , eat it raw . It is an acquired taste. , but when you feel the benefits you will grow to like it .I'm honestly not a raw food devotee at all, but I know that you get the best probiotics from raw organic sauerkraut .I dare say that the supermarket ones have some benefits.If you have a Polish shop near you, they will sell it loose from a barrel . It keeps very well in the fridge . Best wishes .

  • A company called Biona make a raw organic sauerkraut, but have just checked and it is pasteurised. You can get it at health food shops or online.

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