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Why has B12 result dropped to 292 after 3 months of iron supp please? Also low vit d and sun intolerance?

Hi...I'm confused B12results and wondered if anyone can help me again please.

My B12 was 456 3 months ago and my ferritin was 12 (23-300).

I posted all of my results on here and received lots of helpful replies thanks. I've been taking ferrous fumerate and the ferritin has risen to 42 ( although I've just recovered from a virus, so realise it may have affected result).

My B12 was also retested and is now 292? I'm very confused as I presumed after eating more liver, meat, etc it would have risen? This wasn't mentioned to me, I've just got my printed results and found it!

My folate has risen from 6.1 to 8.0 (2.7-15).

The only other real differences in full blood count appears to be a reduction of platelets, from 341 to 241(150-410). There are other small rises and reductions, not sure if they're relevant.

I was querying on here whether to have the active b12 at the time, but decided to raise ferritin as it didn't seem b12 was too bad.

Does this mean low ferritin was masking some kind of b12 deficiency do you think?

Also, I have low vitamin d (28 nmol) the health centre wanted to recheck this as they hadn't heard of the Birmingham test, again on your kind advice I've had calcium and parathyroid checked, all okay, so now have a apptment booked to discuss vitamin d treatment. I've had a burnt, spotty reaction on face to the sun this week, so not quite sure why that is?

Any help will be much appreciated thanks..,Jo

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Were you anaemic? If you were the iron will have been used along with B12 to make more red blood cells and so used iron and B12, which might be why your B12 has reduced. If you have not been taking B12 supplements it would be worthwhile getting active B12 test.

Your vitamin D seems low so you should ask about supplements as it certainly won't help.

Good luck!

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Hi, thanks second chance. I wasn't told I was anaemic, just low ferritin, am presuming there would have been a problem with the red blood count if this was so, do you think? The red blood cell count has gone up from 4.22 to 4.48, do you think it would have used that much b12 to produce that small difference? Yes, am speaking to doc about low vit d next week, but have had plenty of help from people on here about what to take thankfully.

Yes, will have to consider active b12 test, it just all keeps costing doesn't it, but it concerned me that the level had dropped when I presumed it would have risen and just wondered if there was something obvious I didn't know about...thanks for your help...Jo


Were you taking any b vitamins before the first test. Because if you were this may have been why the level was higher then. Also, have you been eating less of something that is high in b12.


Hi aliveandwell thanks for your reply. No I wasn't taking any b vitamins and haven't stopped eating anything. I thought it would be higher because of the extra meat and liver I've been eating, so can't really work it out? That's why I didn't supplement b12 after first test as I thought I'd see what the level went up to after eating more meat/ etc! Hope you're doing well...:)


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