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where can you buy B12 for intramuscular injections in the UK?

I am fed up of arguing with my GP, and I know many people do it themselves - I have been self injecting hte doses the doc gave me, but now that has stopped and I have argued till I am blue in the face I will just go and buy it myself.

could someone please tell me where I can buy this in the UK without a prescription, and also, where si the best place to buy the needles and syringes ( we normally got these from the doctors surgery from the nurses but they only gave us enough untill my next visit)

thank-you for your help.

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Goldpharma for B12, Medisave for syringes, wipes and sharps bins. I would link you to the PAS forum it has a where to source supplies page with proper links, but it's down at the moment. You can find the same info on Pat Kornic's Facebook group here:



Thanking you, I am just looking into how expensive 2dp scales are ( If I was at work - I could do it for free! :-), as it looks like I will need them to mix the methylcobalamine, which I would like to try - see if it shift the neuro symptoms some more.

I am not sure how accurate these balances are ( mainly because they are a 10th of the price of the cheapest ones I use at work) but they are such good vale - has anyone else tried one of these?



Hi, read this question and joined the forum so I could give you the following link

b-amazing.mysimplestore.com for mail order

or, if you would rather be injected than self administer


they do really cheap deals at the weekend for people who are actually sick and expensive ones all week for rich clients that just want to feel better than normal people.


I thought this might help some people. I get my B12 injections from VitaminB12online.com they delivery worldwide and they have all types of B12. I have been using them for over a year and the owner is a B12 deficiency patient. Would rather spend my money helping a fellow patient than large cooperates. She was also a wealth of knowledge on injecting questions I had when I first started injecting.


I also get mine from VitaminB12Online.com. For the last 2 years I order monthly and their customer service is very good.


Hi there- do you get these shipped to the UK as can see this is sold in dollars?


I recommend you create a brand new post to ask where to buy - some of the information in this thread might be out of date. (It did start over four years ago. :-) )


I was replying to the lady who posted 6 months ago! But okay thanks :)


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