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How and where can I get B12 injections in the UK?

I know that I am B12 deficient but the NHS will not do the correct testing and I believe they have misdiagnosed me with multiple sclerosis and as such I've been living a blur for the last nine and a half years I've lost 3 or 4 jobs and I believe this is all down to being B12 deficient. What I need to know is where can I get B12 injections from including all the needles etc because I am not waiting another 9 to 10 years for the NHS to admit their mistakes.

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Surely the best option would be to get yourself tested to make sure you are deficient. Even if you have to get them done privately, a serum B12 (or, slightly better, active B12) plus MMA should show if you are deficient.


Likewise I would get tested privately and then you can confirm B12. Come back here and there are others who can advise how to self inject and where to get it all from.

Don't suffer anymore without knowing.


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All injectable medications in the UK are prescription only so you will only be able to get it in the UK with a prescription.

There are some places that provide B12 injections for non-medical reasons.

B12 can sometimes help MS suffers anyway but in these cases it is usually given orally in high doses. The connection with B12 may not necessarily be an absorption problem involving the gut but may be something going on at the cell level and means that more is needed for the relevant process(es) to run efficiently.

As others - best to test that you do have a B12 deficiency (which you can get done privately) and also rule out an absorption problem if possible.

Have you had your B12 levels tested at all and if so what were the results?

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My serum was 1200. Would it still be worthwhile getting a b12 active test done or would I simply be wasting my money?


I see that you have done several posts here recently. In one you said that you had the Intrinsic factor antiboidies and parietal cells antibodies tests as well as the serum B12 test.

What were the results of these other tests?


Hi toph if you are having blood tests done ask to have your Folate checked too.


As per the others.

Some of the SI information you're looking for is in the comments of this post (how to source etc.):


toph you can get them at they have all the b12 types and everything you need for injecting. I have used their services for 2 years and they are always great with customer service.


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