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Where can I buy ampules of ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN B12?


Where can I buy ampules of adenosylcobalamin?

Arnika manufactures adenosylcobalamin but they only sell through Intravita in the UK, who are very expensive. 10 doses of 1mg costs £40 plus delivery.

Are there any better value German suppliers of injectable adenosylcobalamin?



PS: I want to try this particular form of B12 as I have had good results with it in a non-injectable form. It does not specifically help Pernicious Anemia but helps with a different B12 condition.

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Cetus - any source of adenosylcobalamin in injectable form is going to be expensive - much more expensive that hydroxo, cyano or methyl - because it is so unstable.

If you are using B12 because you have a problem with processing B12 rather than a condition that prevents you absorbing B12 from your diet I'd recommend that you continue using oral supplements. Injections are only really needed if you have an absorption problem

helvella in reply to Gambit62

Is it even available in an injectable form? This site says it isn't:


Gambit62Administrator in reply to helvella

I also suspect that it isn't going to be available. Technically possible but so unstable that it's unlikely.

Cetus in reply to helvella

Helvella, Arnika make injectable adenosylcobalamin but it is expensive. I hope other may do too.

Cetus in reply to Gambit62

Hello Gambit - I believe I could have a B12 absorption problem but primarily to do with adenosylcobalamin absorption and usage.

As it happens, I may well also have a methylcobalamin absorption problem (which is the B12 connected with pernicious anaemia) but that seems easier for me to control.

I get good results injecting hydroxocobalamin daily but when I increase the dose to get a better adenosylcobalamin response I become unwell. I take potassium, iron, B2, etc. Perhaps it's because I am getting more methylcobalamin than I can handle.

It's all conjecture at this stage because genetic errors do not always get expressed.

Any info or suppliers gratefull received!

fbirder in reply to Cetus

Have you had an MMA test? That would show if you had metylmalonic acidaemia, which is caused by defects in the genes you mention. However, it is only homozygous mutations that tend to manifest as the disease.

If you do have it, I can find no evidence that supplementation with adenosylcobalamin is any help.

Cetus in reply to fbirder

Hellp @fbirder. I suspect my MMA is significantly raised (and propionic acid too) but that needs testing by a specialist because my GP can't arrange it.

I think taking extra adsenosylcobalmin would flood the pathways such that enough gets through. Adenosylcobalamin tablets sometimes work but the response is very patchy and not sustained.

If you have purchased from Arnika before they gave the agency to Intravita , they will continue to supply you direct . I know this because I occasionally purchase from them for a friend who swears by Methylcobalamin. They only do this because I’m an old customer .

I know nothing about Adenosylcobamalin ampoules .

Do you mind me asking what is your other b12 contract ndition? ☺️

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