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My 22yr old daughter is in constant pain from aching joints and muscles,

which has been steadily getting worse since it started about 3 yrs ago (after years of chest infections - she is an asthmatic, and finally a tonsillectomy and then Glandular Fever). She also has IBS and was recently in hospital where she was initially diagnosed with Crohns Disease. Then Campylobacter bacteria infection was diagnosed (symptoms mimic Crohns). She rang me this morning in tears from the pain - nothing seems to help. She saw a Rheumatologist last week who confirmed that none of the many blood tests (anaemia Vit D level cholesterol gluten intolerance all types of arthritis etc) had shown a negative result and that the X-rays of all the joints (ie shoulder neck wrist pelvis knees ankles etc) showed any sign of inflammation or damage therefore didn't know what could be done! Except maybe be admitted to hospital for more intensive tests/scans etc. A week ago my daughter started on a low dose of Amyltryptelene and also diclofenac but all her pains seem to be worse. Any suggestions of who she could turn to for help - she is desperate!!! She is unable to function normally and cannot go to work like this. Over the years the level of pain and where it is centred has been very variable but know it is everywhere.

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oh Lama, what a lot she has to put up with.I can't think at the moment, but I will keep her in my thoughts. give her a gentle hug from me.

the only thing I can add is that once they get her on the right meds it will improve. If she can get in the bath, I used to love Arnica bath soak made by SBC and only sold on - there are others cheaper but trust me this is the best one. It costs about £20 but lasts ages. they also have a gel that you pat [not rub] on.




Thanks for this tip. I will try and get some for her.


Lama, sorry to hear about your daughter having so much pain. She should check out Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome on the Internet. Sounds very much like the symptoms of it. Take care. eds06


could be LUPUS same symptoms as my sister, ask your doctor


Hi there, have they considered Psoriatic arthritis, i was diagnosed with it last can often start after a virus or infection and does not show up on blood tests in 50% of sufferes



This blog post sounds exactly like me! I'm also 22 and suffer from constant pain in my muscles and joints. After so many tests they never pin pointed what was causing it or why it was happening .. Last year they diagnosed me with 'chronic pain' and 'fibromyalgia', however I'm still not convinced, because I'm only 22 and was relatively health until 3 years ago when this just gradually got worse.

I've also tried a number of pain killers, I'm taking amytriptyline, dihydracodiene and gabapentin just now and also tried loads of lotions and potions! I would recommend the muscle soak which you can get in boots and I also have a tens machine, not everyone likes these but it's worth a try.

C xx


Hi, it sounds like my symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have found the symptoms ease when i have a source of talking support e.g. counselling and also when i leavve sugar and carb snacks out of my diet - i discovered that when i was depressed and not eating properly. I also find that crying about painful things rather than bottling them up helps - maybe that's the link to counselling being helpful.


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