Complex regional pain syndrome and passing water problems linked?

Could someone please help me?!

I am 17 year old female who has been diagnosed with (CRPS) a few years ago ever since I've had this, my going to the toilet seems to be getting worse and worse. I go to a pee and only a little comes out but the pain is so bad I could scream and I get very agitated with the feeling and can't sit still.

In other words it feels like when I pass water that something is stopping it from coming out. I've tried so many things they've said to do on the internet and hospital such as .. water,cut down on salt, no sugar drinks ,no hot foods, not wearing cotton underwear etc, nothing is working?!

Please any advice or anyone had any similar problems? X

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  • Hi there I have CRPS since 1999

    It can affect all muscles which I think is what is happening here. I would guess

    Everytime you need the toilet you are becoming very anxious and feeling that Everytime you go you are going to have the issues.

    You may need to speak to some one as to how you understand how CRPS works.

    I can give you an example from my experience.

    When my bones cracked say in my ankle panic set in and I would think omg my ankle is going to flair up and I m going to suffer . I now get these cracks and have trained myself to believe that it is just a cracking noise which everyone gets.

    I'm in no way saying this is easy but I

    Have been working with severe CRPS full body for 17 years and do find stress and anxiety some of the worst triggers.

    I can discuss further if you need

    I am now working towards becoming an expert pain tutor in my area.

    So here If I can help

    Thanks dave

  • My daughter had similar problem she is 14 and has crps i took her to the doctors and she haid a water infection and was put on antibiotics hasnt had no problems since

  • I've had so many tests for infections and problems with my actual bladder but nothing is wrong either way it's just so confusing x

  • Like davek 723 said crps can affect your muscles what did the hospital say x

  • The hospital says there's nothing wrong with my area down there at all by looking it's healthy and my urine is fine they said it could be to do with the nerves but it's just getting to the point where it's so bad I don't know where to put myself x

  • Im so sorry for your problem everyone has different ways of dealing with thier discomfort and pain my daughters is listening to music art and baking sometimes works but hopefully you will find something that will work for you x

  • As Dave says, try to be less anxious. Take a few deep breathes and tell your self it's time to pee. Imagine it happening. May take a few goes, but don't get anxious between. The mind is very powerful.

    As slsn71 says, see if you have an infection.

  • Wonder if you are on any opiates painkiller wise ? They cause urinary retention not allowing the sphincter muscle in bladder to relax as normal im on 240mg oxycontin a day and i have same problem due to them i sit i stand gets frustrating too as it also takes extremely hard painful work to ejeculate due to opiates handy sometimes but gets frustrating after 2 hours of hard going intercourse so now ill try and take meds afterwards.sorry for the long rant got carried away! Hope you find out cause and get it sorted as soon as possible best tegards


  • Hiya! I'm not on any painkillers only on amitriptyline for muscle relaxers. I've read that that's suppose to help your urinal problems but it doesn't one bit. No need to be sorry I'm glad you replied as I now know I'm not alone with problems like this.

  • Hi, I to have crps and bladder problems. Part of the condition is neuropathic pain, which u probably know, so taking a specific drug for this like Pregablin or Gabapentin - which is what I take, can help. The more u worry about being incontinent, the worse it will be. If it happens it happens, but to me it usually happens in my home? Where u feel safe, it never happens when I am out - which is odd really. Obviously, subconsciously I am controlling it maybe? Been out all day today and it happened when I got home grrr. I also find that sitting down for too long makes it worse, as the nerve associated with peeing is located at the base of the spine. So because I had been in my wheelchair for 5 hours, this had triggered it I reckon.

  • You should maybe ask for pregabalin for pain and muscle relaxant it might work better amitryptiline didnt agree with me at all


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