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Severe pain in joints and my legs, feet, hands and arms keep going 'dead'. I'm 23 years old!

Advice needed please!

The past few months I have been experiencing joint pain in my wrists, knees and ankles and my hips are in a lot of pain. As well as this my legs, feet hands and arms go numb or get pins and needles out of no where. I am often bed bound due to pain from endometriosis. I'm unable to do a lot for myself as the pain is excruciating.

I'm not sure if these new symptoms are because I'm not as mobile as I used to be or if it is something else entirely. Whilst going to pain management I was told I was hyper mobile and they are worried about my knees crumbling and muscles deteriorating.

Just any insight would be great or if anyone thinks it's anything to worry about.

I also suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression and IBS.

I take propranolol, diazepam, co-codamol 30/500mg, gabapentin, sertraline.

I am only 23 years old and part of my anxiety is often I think I a extremely ill and are going to die.

I have been worrying about this for weeks so thankyou to anyone who can give me advice!

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i am wondering if this could be a trapped nerve as one night i woke up and i just happened to touch my arm and hand and it felt like jelly i got such a fright. i had to pull my arm with the other arm and it weighted a ton and was very very heavy. i was so afraid i phoned the hospital it was the middle of the night. they said i could come up if i wanted but i had googled it as the feeling came back after i pulled my arm and lifted it up. and the strange thing was that the arm that went like jelly i want NOT LYING on top of it. i read that a woman gets this and she gets it in both arms and she has to shake her shoulders and she said that her husband laughs at her when she does this.i dont think its funny as i was reallly afraid. it does sound like nerve damage feeling numb and tingly i dont know about the crumbly feeling maybe some one else will be along soon with more of the symptoms you have, love grace xoxoxo


It could be a trapped nerve coming from the spine however sometimes it can sort itself out and it all goes back to normal. As for muscle wastage this can happen quicker than you think and can also cause you further problems. Your very young to have all this going on and I really feel for you but don't give up trying as when your in pain it's too easy to give up and go to bed. Try pacing yourself with little walks around the house say every half hour during the day to strengthen your muscles. You need strong muscles to support your bones so I think it's worth a try. Also some medicine's can make some things worse so check on the leaflets that come with your tablets to see what the side effects are. X

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Could you have Ehlers Danlos?


Ask your dr to check your vitamin B12 serum & active,folate,ferritin,iron,MMA ,Vit d .All your symptons can be low Vit b12 or folate especially if you are vegetarian or taking OCP,antiacids,antibiotics.Check for further facts.


There is nothing wrong with anxiety or depression in your situation. The difficulty is that you have no idea how anxiety and depression is tied up in your posture and movement.

Change the way you breathe and the anxiety you experience changes. So it is worthwhile looking at movement disciplines under an experienced teacher that involve breathing. Yoga comes to mind.

Depression can be the brain being overloaded and as a result the brain switching off to protect itself from overload. You are constantly monitoring your pain and movement associated around it. The brain is not designed for this sort of activity and so gets tired. Recognise this or better still investigate this as to how it affects you. After investigation and during investigation you can develop brain resting strategies. Part of the investigation by yourself is to determine what strategy works. What strategies fails and how to fine tune a strategy to improve upon it.

Worry is useful if you can use it to do something. Worry and do nothing can be very problematic.

Hope this has been helpful.

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Sounds like the nerves in your spine have been compromised in some way. It could be caused by a number of factors - up to and including, wear and tear as we age. Spending alot of time in bed can result in your spinal discs or bones, pressing against some significant nerves in your spine.

You do not mention if you are experiencing any changes in bowel movements or the urgent need to urinate most of the time. If you are, please make a note of it as its extremely relevant.

I would suggest that you explain the symptoms to your GP and if he agrees its a problem with your nerves, perhaps discuss the possibility of having an MRI to ascertain where the nerve impingement is and the reasons for it. Until you know what you're dealing with, there's no point in worrying unduly.


try and get to your doctor as soon as possible to find out what is causing those symptoms that your having as that will at least stop you wondering and worrying, as thats not good for you and can cause more problems in the long run, all the best,love grace xoxoxo


Dear young person. I am so sorry you are already in pain and still young. I have had paid for so many years, I can no longer count them. I do want to tell you that you are taking too many meds that lower your blood pressure and little that is really for joint pain. You need to speak to a new doctor or pain clinic. These all tranquilize you and not only that, but could account for numbness. You would do well with just the diazepam and Gaba and then a real pain med for your joints.

I don't know why you have PTSD but a good therapist would be better than a medication when you are 23. Therapy can also get you moving again and give you direction so you aren't suffering as much, but looking forward to a future.

I hope this helps. I hate to see someone so young be in such a situation. I am also on numerous medications but I am also much older than you and have joint pain from lupus which might be one of your considerations from what you describe.


You are taking meds that are most likely depleting your folate , vit b12 , Magnesium, vit D levels.Unfortunately vitamin deficiencies are not taught in universities.View videos on for life saving facts.


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