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Bursitis & numbness in thigh


Last year in early Sept I had bursitis in my hip, it was very painful, I was put on antibiotics, it helped the hip pain, I also had an injection into my hip, ever since I have had numbness and dreadful pain in my thigh, I saw my GP in Sept he told me it could take up to a year to get better, the pain and numbness has never gone, and recently is worst than ever, I am seeing my GP on Monday he is going to run some tests, one is to check the blood flow down to my feet, has anyone else had this dreadful pain.

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Yes, I've got bursitis in my left hip. It's very painful, I cannot lie on that side. All I've been given is exercises and told to use a hot water bottle. I've had it for six months too. No painkillers help this.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes this pain in my thigh is due to the nerve being pinched, I have had bursitis three times, but the last time I had to stay in bed for sometime, I couldn’t walk the pain was so bad, it’s never really got better, Doctor told me to rub my leg with a silk scarf, but that didn’t help, I also use a tens machine, while it’s working it takes the pain away.

I have also had a spinal operation so that doesn’t help me, like you I only can lie on my right side, the Doctors don’t understand how painful this is, each time I had to hobble into the surgery, to have the injection, but at last he is going to run some tests on Monday, I would happily have the bursa removed just to be pain free.

I use Serrapetàse for my bursitus for several years now It controls my pain which was mostly at night. I went through the process injection stage,they worked for some months and then pain would be back. I use a brand called Enerex which is now very hard to get, still have some so hopefully it will be back, it is a Canadian brand and Bodykind, com used to do it, hoping it is just a Brexit glitch. Unfortunately it is not cheap

Hi i had bursitis of the hip 8years ago. I had steroid injections and they didnt work for me. I ended up having surgery to remove the bursa and once the bursa was out the pain was gone. You are right the pain is unbearable and it affected my walking

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Oh that’s interesting, I would like to have mine removed, when the bursa swells up it traps the nerve running down the front of the thigh, and this has been my problem ever since I had the bursitis my thigh has been numb and very painful, it’s mainly when I stand or walk the pain is almost unbearable, no painkillers touch this pain, I have tried everything, was prescribed Celebrex twice a day, but no effect, but after keeping on to my Doctor he has agreed to run some tests, I will be interested to see what he comes up with.

Is removal of the bursa a big operation, and is it painful after.

Hi i cant remember if i have already replied you. Yes it is a big op they put you to sleep and they give you morphine soon after surgery when you are recovering. You will need someone to look after you for a few weeks to help you with everyday things around the house you will be using 2crutches during that time

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Thank you, I guess it would be a big operation, I have read that they are doing the operation by keyhole, it wasn’t called keyhole but similar thing, it said people only stay 1 night and sometimes go home the same day.

I have already had several major operations and I am 77 so not to keen on anything big, my Husband would look after me, he has been doing that for the last 18 weeks, I have had severe depression, due to getting bursitis and cellulitis together, and within four weeks the bursitis returned, it pulled me down, I hate being in bed, but I was in agony couldn’t put any weight on my leg.

It is nice to hear from others who have experienced the same, my worst problem is now, this numbness and pins and needles in my thigh and really bad pain.

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Oh if they do keyhole now thats brilliant because mine was not keyhole i have a long scar on my right hip from where they removed it. Its better to have it removed because all the pain just goes away

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Yes I agree, it’s getting theDoctor to do a referral, I will see what he has to say tomorrow, if he did a referral I could have it done private, we have insurance, but he will probably want to try everything else first

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Private would be better than Nhs to have it done

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Hi I have bursitis for years in my left hip, cannot get rid of it and cannot find a doctor to take it out. I also have a hip implant in that hip. Where did you find a doctor to take it out? I have called all over the place, different hospitals. I have the coritzone shots every 3 months, doing the exercises they tell me, nothing helps it get so bad at times cannot walk. I still need to work also please let me know where you had your surgery maybe I can check it out. It would be a miracle for me, thanks.

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Hi sorry to hear you been struggling with the pain. I went private in Leicester then i saw an othopeadic surgeon and spinal surgeon/consultant he made me walk and said its your hip thats causing your mobilty problems not your back i used to get back pain and hip pain and thigh pain so he transfered me to his NHS clinic which was really kind of him because at the time i didnt have health insurance. Firstly he reffered me for an MRI scan on my hip and the results showed that my bursa had inflammation. He then gave me steroid injections for about a year and at the end when the injections were not getting rid of the pain he reffered me to an orthaepidic surgeon who was also NHS and i went to see him and said surgery was the last and only option for me and i agreed with him and i had the surgery 6months later. After the surgery i had physio for about 3months each week. The pain was gone after the healing process

Shadow ....are you familiar with a supplement called L Carnitine ?

It comes in a few forms .

It’s something that we all produce ourselves within our bodies . But if course some people have deficiencies of it .

The two more known forms of it

are Acetyl L Carnitine and the other is

Regular L Carnitine

I had never heard of it till a good friend told me about it a year or so ago .

I have had a Bursitis in my right hip for almost ten years . The pain drove me mad at times and walking was extremely painful with pain all the way down my leg.

My friend told me about it because I have Graves Thyroid Disease and it has been proven to help that condition .

People with Graves Disease are particularly deficient in Carnitine .

I researched it exhaustively.. and decided to try it .. with great success ...

It is virtually a food for muscles , tendons and ligaments ... allowing them to relax, recover and repair from stress ... or trauma.

it also helps Graves suffers with associated muscle pain that many of us experience.

BUT ..

I Discovered very shortly after taking it .. like a week or two , that my excruciating pain in my hip ( Bursitis ) was gone !

I’ve been taking it for a while now and I cannot believe that I’ve put up with this debilitating pain for years .. with all kinds of unsuccessful ( and expensive ) treatments that never helped.

You can buy it online at Amazon ..

Please before you maybe buy it ,

Google it .. like .. L Carnitine for muscle pain etc etc ..

After youve learned more about it you may wish to give it a try . There are no known problems with taking it either .

If it helps ... please let come back and let us know .. as it would be great to help other sufferers.

Best of Luck ..

M x🌹

Thank you so much, I am willing to try anything to get rid of this terrible thigh pain, and numbness, I am finding it difficult to walk or stand at the moment.

I am seeing my GP this morning he is going to run some test, so it will be interesting to se what he comes up with, I will let you know.

I have also had major spinal surgery about 17 years ago, it helped but I was told it wasn’t a cure, and I still get back ache if I stand for a short time.

Once again thank you for your help.

If you take thyroid medication or have thyroid dysfunction you must not take this. It lowers thyroid levels by hindering T4 to T3 conversion.


Thank you for telling me, I don’t have a thyroid problem, and my thyroid is tested each year along with other blood tests, do you mean the L carnitine, I did check any interactions with meds, but what I take seemed to be ok, my main concern was I am on fluoxetine for depression, but I am better from the depression now, always worried about interactions though so I am grateful you told me.

You’re welcome Shadow. We’re often told that there are no interactions when in fact there are specific interactions with thyroid meds. I’m not sure about Fluoxetine. I used to have that but it didn’t work for me. Will have a ferret around and see if I can find anything

Best wishes

I’ve had a quick look and apparently it has a naturally anti depressant effect and is said to enhance the effects of Fluoxetine.

So you’ll soon be doing a song and dance routine in the supermarket 😂😂😂😂

I would love to think I could dance, I can sing and hum, it drives my Husband crazy, I whistle as well, it’s so annoying, it’s a habit, not to bad a one though.

I had my Xray yesterday, I am just waiting on the results for the next move, just hope it’s not a hip replacement.

... pleasure ..

please do Google L Carnitine though and see if you could try it .. I can’t believe the effect it’s had on me ..

I was climbing up stairs like a sideways crab with my back against the wall for support ..

Now !! I’m walking up sprightly.. with no hands 🖐 🤚 .. after ten years of pain .. getting out of a chair or my car was agony .

Best of luck


Madge I have googled and will get some, I just need to check it doesn’t interact with fluoxetine and other meds I am on.

We are thankful we have no stairs, we are in a bungalow, but just to walk to the bathroom is agony, sometimes it feels as though I have thousands of needles pricking in my thigh.

Anyhow I saw my GP today and he did some checks, he is 99% that my hip is out of alignment, and it’s causing the hip bone to press on the nerve that runs between the hip bone, and this is causing the thigh problem, it’s either that or a hip replacement, I have got to go for some x-rays tomorrow on my hip, and if it’s the nerve he thinks some physio would get the hip bone to realign, so that’s the first move, I spent about 30 mins in the surgery so at least I am getting some where, he thinks this alignment is causing the bursitis.

I would still like to try what you suggested, I will just check interactions.

Please keep in touch, I am 77 78 this yearx

Good news Shadow .. delighted !

If your doctor thinks there will be no interaction with your drugs .. you might like to “ go for it “ and try Carnitine .

And i hope you do .. and even if you get another treatment to help your condition it would still be beneficial to you . As it enhances muscle strength and also strength in tendons and ligaments .

It’s not a old wives tale .. it really does work .

I hope you feel better very soon ..

Luv Mx🌹

Hello Madge

Just to let you know, I have purchased the carnitine from Amazon, it’s arriving today, so I will give it a try, thank you for telling me about it.


I have and it’s excruciatingly painful. Sounds like neuropathic pain, possibly due to entrapment.

Sorry you have this

Hello thank you for your reply, I have had bursitis several times, but I went about 7years and then had it twice really bad, I could hardly walk to the bathroom, it left me with this numbness and pins and needles in my thigh, it’s very painful, when I saw the Doctor just after I started to get better, he said it could take up to a year to get better, but when I saw him yesterday he did some checks on my hip and he thinks my hip bone is moved / Dislocated and it’s trapped the nerve between the hip joint I went for a X-ray today but results take a week, the Doctor thinks if it is that physiotherapy will sort it out, I am not so sure but willing to try anything, or I may need hip replacement, so will see what happens with the X-ray results, and go from there

It’s very distressing as I can’t stand or walk even in the bungalow.

I’m so sorry for you. It’s just ghastly.

Hope you get sorted soon

Thank you, me to, want this in my thigh gone before the summer .

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