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New and in Pain

Just over three years ago i was relatively healthy with under active thyroid and blood pressure a bit high so my gp tried me on the statin route , even though i told them two other attempts gave me dreadful side effects they were stopped within days .

He persisted that i take them but three months in i was struck down with muscle pain all over my body my legs being the worse.

One gp said i had polymyalgia not statin induced muscle damage (covering their backs)

18months of steroids and no proper relief in pain now been weaned off .

I am in so much pain just taking ibrufen and been today to a new gp due to a move and been prescribed amyltryptilene sorry if spelt wrong !

So now hopefully i can get some relief be able to sleep and stop crying at almost everything . It has been a very trying stressful year 2017 goodbye and pain free 2018 fingers crossed

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Hi pearl sorry to hear your in so much pain. Chronic pain is exhausting to deal with day in and day out. It changes the way you feel about everything so I know how your feeling. I hope the amitriptyline works for you as they are good for nerve pain. Unfortunately everything comes with side effects so hopefully they will only be mild little ones. Your previous doctor sounds an idiot to insist you take something that has never agreed with you in the past. I'm glad you've changed to a different doctor but don't give up on getting help for the pain and how to cope with it. Make them listen to you. Let us know how things go and wishing you good health throughout 2018. X

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Thank you for your kind thoughts , wish you Happy New Year for 2018 .

I am hopeful now that this year is a step towards trying to manage my pain better with the help of my new gp .


Are you in the UK pearl?


Yes i am


Just wondered if you've been on a pain management course yet. If not and you get the opportunity I think you would benefit from it. They can offer you acupuncture, physio, pain injections ECT and try out different medication. Worth a try. X


No I must look into this thank you


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