numbness and then pain In hand

I have had numbness followed by pain in my left hand this only seems to happen when im in bed but it is happening on and off all through the night and the pain is awful and lasts for up half an hour each time it starts off with my hand feeling completely dead like when you have when you are led on it but I know its not that it will do it all the time whilst in bed but during the day it hardly ever happens, has anyone else got this problem and what causes it? grateful for any help please

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  • Hello vivikin

    Is the pain in your hand a tingling like pins and needles? Middle finger numn and inside the 2 either side?

    Pat x

  • Hi Paton thanks for coming back, yes it is a bit like pins and needles but feels more like its dead and then when i move it about to bring it back to life it turns to excruciating pain, but yes it does seem to be the middle finger and the two either side I mainly get it in my left hand but have had it the right as well

    Viv x

  • What did u do or find it what it was

  • Sounds like you have repetative strain injury.

    Carpal tunnel is the correct name. Sorry about spelling.

    It means you have a trapped nerve in your wrist and is easily cured with a minor operation.

    I remember waking up with what felt like pins and needles in both hands as if i had slept on them. Didn't get better which worried me.

    Saw orthopedic surgeon who did op under local. Had my right hand done but left sort of not so bad.

    Mine came about cos I am a gardner and spent years with a pair of secateurs in my hand!

    See your GP and get referral.

    Hope this helps.

    pat x

  • U had carpoltunel surgery ten ago.dont do it only makes worse

  • I had surgery

  • were you unable to work after the op? and thanks for your help

  • Was off for 4 weeks

  • Listening back to my reply it sounds slightly gibberish! Glad you could understand me.

    It was a very long time ago but remember I had the stitch out after about 10 days. The idea was to keep arm elevated during that time to prevent swelling. No one told me and stich started to get a little septic.

    Procedures these days would probably have you in and out and back to work asap. Maybe a week? I don't honestly know. I planned the op as I was going away for 2 weeks straight after. Those were the days when you could choose dates of ops! So not more than 2 weeks 20 years ago.

    Pat x

  • can you remember did your fingers only do this at night or did it do it at other times mine only does it when im in bed. thanks for helping

  • Me too

  • Hi Vivkin,as said before sounds like it could be carpel tunnel,it is usually at worst at night,mine used to also bother me when lifting things in that my hand had no strength well my wrist. I had the op,stitches out after 7 days, 6 weeks off and no housework :) that was the best bit lol. Best go get it checked because it could always be something else.

    kind regards jan

  • thanks so much for your help and yes I will get it checked

    kind regatds


  • My physio recommended sleeping with a wrist splint on, it has helped.

  • i will try that thanks

  • Are you putting a funny twist in the neck when you are sleeping. It could be a form of nerve root compression. Some people for a variety of reasons may have reduced room for nerve roots because of disc damage. Disc damage can come from infection or various forms of impact injury. Or even a small muscle going into spasm in a sensitive area.

  • Hi Vivikin, it sounds very much like carpel tunnel problems, I suffered for quite some time before I got treatment. It was always worse at night, but then after some time it started to happen during the day especially if I was using a computer mouse. I've had both wrists operated on and it feels as if nothing has ever been wrong with them,op carried out and within a couple of hours at a treatment centre and then you are free to go, the op can only last for 15 minutes at the most. The only problem I found as I was feeling fit and well without a lot of pain,was trying not to do anything and keep the area dry, I was back at work within 10 days but I work in an office and do nothing strenuous. Dont delay like I did, it only gets worse and the treatment is minimal, I really wished I had not been so Chicken and got the problem sorted earlier. Gwince

  • Hi Gwince thank you for your answer I have made an appointment for next week. Viv

  • Viv

    Don't want to scare you, but pins and needles in the left arm are also an indicator for heart disease in females. May be worth getting this checked too. Females rarely get the classic symptoms of pale clammy skin, racing pulse, lightheadedness, shortness of breath.

    Is more than likely carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Hi vivikin I agree with Paton it definitely sounds like carpal tunnel. I had same problem in both arms. Saw gp was referred and had op on right hand last September. Wow what a difference. Very easy op. Waiting for left hand op. Hope this helps. Good luck Janet x

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