Trochantric bursitis on MRI

Hi all

Saw the lastest consultant (orthopaedic surgeon) in my diagnosis marathon and apparently I have some bursitis in my hip (seen on MRI) which explains why I can't lie on my left side and have trouble walking uphill and up the stairs. I think it's all building up to be a set of minor conditions. I guess because they've been untreated with either physio or meds for such a long time they have created a whole region of pain.

So annoyed with rheumatologist I saw over a year ago and asked "was it my hip?" Could all have been sorted then with a steroid injection.

This leads me to wonder if the other buttock pain is another inflamed bursa in that region.

Orthopaedic surgeon will not be treating me as he thinks most of my pain is coming from gynae stuff and soft tissue issues.

Finally getting somewhere.


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  • Going to ask pain management if they will inject the bursa and will get private MRI of other bursa as wondering about "weavers bottom" instead of piriformis.

  • I love I dont think pain management do injections so speak to your gp and ask to be referred to a pain clinic thinking of you xxx

  • Hi chatterbox69

    My pain doctor is an anaesthetist so does do injections. Already planned some to diagnose which areas are causing the pain. On 18 week wait for joint injections but at least now I know where he needs to put them 😊

  • Sorry I go to pain management and they told me I need pain clinic sorry they must be wrong glad you getting sorted x

  • They are all in one where I live xx

  • Hi Megan

    At last, you're getting somewhere! Might not be where you'd like to be but at least you're getting some answers.

    It's so hard having 'different' issues that require different medical professionals but that all affect each other isn't it?

    I find the consultants are almost 'waiting' for each other to instigate a test or treatment but I'm the one that's having to get one to start!!

    I've also had the "is it..........." for a consult to say "no" to then be proved correct a year or so later thus missing out on a test or treatment. I think there's quite a bit that could've been at least looked at (even to shut me up) in the past that I'm suffering from now.

    In an ideal world, I'd like to get all the clinicians involved sat around a table with me being "chairperson" so all the issues could be discussed and a test & treatment plan made. It would save so much time than them writing to each other and clinic appointments having to be made eight/ten/twelve apart (I know, that's a hugely optimistic waiting time expectation!!) for treatment, procedures & medication!!

    Although you say it's 'minor issues all happening at the same time' it's still a big deal for you!

    I hope you find some pain management techniques, treatments and medication to help you......


  • Thanks RAYJAYC

    I've discovered those cura heat patches are very good. Put one on the side of my left hip/glute and top of hamstrings. Better than tramadol 😊

  • Ooooh, interesting........ Who would've thought something like that would surpass Tramadol!! I'll give 'em a go!!


  • I'm using the ones it says not to apply direct to the skin tho. Not so good if you use the skin contact ones.

  • Hi I had bursitis in my right hip for about a year no pain killers worked had a steroid injection but that did nothing can't take NSAIDs because of other health problems so resorted to seeing a physio and combination of acupuncture and exercises seem to work for me not saying it's gone completely but I'm so much better can do stairs and lay on my side again only time I find it hurts is if I have overdone things see my Pyhsio once a month now just to keep on top of things hope you get sorted soon

  • Thanks Gill1947 ive been referred for some more physio too. Hope it works

  • I have this in my right hip it causes a lot of pain.. unfortunately I have had it for 4 years now and am on co drydamol and amytryptiline for pain I get flare ups and have to cope with them myself I am due to see a rheumatologist start of June so I am hoping I get some thing from that but I can understand how bad it is

  • Hi Pat9

    Hope your appointment gets you somewhere xx

  • thank you just worried it will land up with me taking yet MORE pills it's a wonder I don't rattle :) XX

  • My experience of rheumatology is that they like joint injections and Physio over pills xxx

  • Hi Megan, I have that same bursitis and it is painful, the best thing I can do it watching what I am doing, walk alot, and reduce my salt intake. I read all food labels on sodium, and have changed my eating habits. I do go off once and awhile and it gets worse then. Now I have SI Joint disease, Arthritis, back pain, etc. It gets bad especially when the weather is bad. Good luck.

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