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Chronic Pain 20 years old

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Hello everyone,

I'm a 20 year old female and I have chronic upper back pain that is unbearable at this point. I was involved in a car accident three years ago where I was t boned. I've been to all kinds of doctors and have found out nothing. The pain is stabbing between my shoulder blades and radiates to my chest and my arms. Anyone have any ideas? I've had blood tests done as well and the only thing they could find were positive Ana levels but even with further testing nothing was discovered or diagnosed. Please help!!!!

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Hiya,I'm wondering if it could be fibromyalgia which can happen after a traumatic event,what other health issues do you have?IBS, period bother,cramping feeling in legs?oh and what's ana results stand for?

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I don't have anything except pain from my waist up basically...thankfully my legs are fine.

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Yes so I get tingling a long my neck and shoulders and arms and I'm getting sent to get checked for slipped discs in neck and if I have a trapped nerve.go back to your doctor tell them its time something is done.could be you had pinched nerve then it got trapped that happened in my foot I was walking about with it for over two years!so don't settle for a Dr telling you oh you'd know if you had trapped nerve.please let me know how you get wishes.also all DR's have to do bloods thing first .

Have you been to have a MRI done? They are much better at seeing any nerve damage or disc damage than xrays or CT scans.

If not, I would ask your Dr to refer you to one. Sometimes even Chiropractors can feel when something is off moreso that a primary Dr.

CT scans never showed up much on my back at all, always MRIs bc I had nerve damage and herniated discs. I've had 2 surgeries from them and looking at another 1 if the pain I have now isn't helped with the epidural injections I'm getting.

I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon!

Have you applied for copies of your hospital records? If in uk you can get them free of charge.

Have you Googled Ana? Isn't it an Autoimmune Disease?

Has no one referred you to a pain clinic yet.

You shouldn't be left in pain like this. You have a right to have a diagnosis and prognosis. I would keep pestering the GPs.

Hi, have you had a MRI of your spine done recently??? If not please have one Immediately you may have Myelopathy. Ask your GP to send you for an MRI scan please. It doesn't hurt to have the scan, & if you do not have Myelopathy, it may show up something else, then you will have hope to be helped, ok :)

Kind Regards!

Bella_37 xo :)

As Bella as said in her post I would ask for MRI of spine especially the neck area as this can give them symptoms. Best of luck 🙂 x longy

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