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chronic tronchanteric bursitis, hip bursitis, chronic pain


hi, i'm getting deperate now, i've the above and am in constant agony when lying or sitting. been on loads of apin relief thats not worked, the stronger stuff too that does absolutely nothing. my consaultant spoke about getting my hipp bursitis operated on, i'm just desperate for something too work. has anyone thats here had their bursitis problems surgically removed sucessfully or has any meds that work for chronic pain, chronic hip bursitis both sides

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Hi. I sympathise with you in your plight. I too have trochanteric bursitis together with complex regional pain syndrome in my whole leg as a result of an operation on my ankle. I had my bursitis operated on at the same time as releasing my iliotibial band. The operation did help for a while and I would recommend having this operation, I'm sure you will find the relief amazing. Try to keep positive and make an appointment with your consultant and talk this through. In the meantime, have you tried mindfulness to help you work through the pain? Do a Google search - it really does help. What medications have been tried? You should also ask for a referral to a Pain Clinic - mine has helped me enormously. Keep strong. Kate

hhmmaa1 in reply to Kathy0063

hi kathy, thanks forr eplying, seems you've experienced the same thing, nightmare isn't it. my consaultant is looking tinto see if i'll be a suitable candiate for surgery as i've other health problems too consider. you say its worth going for the operations on both my hips then, thats good as some replied the bursa can come back, didn't even know that. i do distraction techniques to try and focus on something else instead of the pain. hope your ok and well. thanks for the advice , its appreciated

Hi, I have had 3 operations on my left hip, on all 3 occasions they removed my troublesome bursa since I was having an operation anyway, and all 3 times the bursa grew back in about 6-8 months. My last hip operation was in June 2011 and my bursa is just as bad as ever now.

I am glad they removed it, the removal didn’t make it any worse, but it seems not to be a permanent solution. I have also tried steroid injections in the bursas in the past, that works for a few months and lowers the pain a bit, but you can’t have more than 2-3 injections on each side in total.

Sorry I have no great news for you, good luck with everything.

thanks for that info helene, their peaking about surgery now, hadn't the foggiest if it works or not, from what you've just said the opp isn't that sucessful, had now idea the bursa could come back, thought once removed it stays away. had steroid injections and pain relief injections but they only work for weeks, then its at its worse again. seems no other way than too try the opps on both hips and see what happens

thanks for your reply, its apprecited

hi,my sister had what you have,she was born with only 1 hip joint so another one was put in when she was tiny,now 62 years later she had to have the other hip completely replaced because all her life she favoured the real hip and that one had crumbled away,the surgeon used the bone that was crumbled,made it all into powder added glue and rebuilt the bone,they also found one leg was quite alot shorter that the fake one,now she has no pain walks properly and on advice from her surgeon she swims every day,,he said if she had done swimming in the past she would not have had half the pain that she did have.try it iif you talk to your consultant he may suggest rebuilding your hips

hhmmaa1 in reply to sulimbi

hi sulimbi, thanks for your response. some things i've had haven't been sucessful, awaiting too see what my consaultant says about the opps. am due for pain clinic in 2 weeks so i'llm see what theysay. swimmings good as its a none weight beiring excersise, as soon as your weight beiring its excruciating

David has had injections and is on opiates anyway. Nothing worked. An operation wasn't possible due to other health problems so referal to physio for exercise. Surprised us both but by golly it helps. Best help she offered is yoghurt pot (eat contents first!) fill with water and freeze. he rubs it over the painful area which numbs it for some days and is reusable..

Certainly works to a degree and he enjoys the yoghurts too.

Good Luck - I know how many sleepless nights he has had with the pain.

pat x

hi, thanks for that, i've had physio and didn't get much benefit. had extremely strong pain killers and they've not worked. i'll try the yogurt pot idea though and freeze it, thanks

hi,my son has severe rhuematoid arthritus,he is in too much pain,i told him to take halibut oil capsules he said they helped him cope,also freezy spray for his joints,he sprays in the morning then at the end of the day he has his shower and finds that the water rejuvenates the freezy spray making it more intense.i find meditation works well for my constant pain (fibromyalgia and radial cuff syndrome) i go inside myself in my mind and go to the point of the pain and smooth it all out.

hi sulimbi, never heard of halibut oil capsules afor, thought halibut was a fish!. sorry too hear your sons sever theumatoid arthritis. i've tried freezing sprays, they seem too work for awhile then stops. meditations good, gives you summink too focus on

Try Turmeric I find it very helpful go to and follow recipe for Golden Paste hope it helps you as it has helped me

I am in the same boat, had my hip injected 2 weeks ago and wished he had never touched it, pain is so bad, cannot sit or lie down, trying Pregabalin now, already on morphine, waiting to see pain clinic, but reading through I now wonder if we should be going to Orthopedics instead, hopefully you get some relief soon

I too have severe trochanteric bursitis both hips with no relief. Have tried injections, meds, physical therapy. Asked my ortho about removing it and he said problem is they grow back after so many months and they become a problem again,. Sorry no help but keep on looking. Try a pain management doctor

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